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Secret Experience Scaling System in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda enthusiasts have recently made an exciting discovery in the highly anticipated game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game incorporates a secret experience scaling system reminiscent of the one found in its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. 

This hidden mechanic dynamically alters the game world as players progress, introducing new challenges and surprises.

In a recent video, renowned YouTuber and Zelda investigator, Austin John Plays, has shed light on this intriguing system. Drawing on insights from Breath of the Wild data miners and observations of world progression in Tears of the Kingdom, he provided a comprehensive analysis of the hidden mechanic.

Like its predecessor, the experience scaling system operates behind the scenes, without any visible HUD elements such as a level number or XP gauge [1]. Instead, its presence is felt through the appearance of different enemy types and equipment available throughout the game.

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According to Austin John Plays, defeating enemies in Tears of the Kingdom grants Link a certain amount of experience, varying depending on the enemy’s difficulty. 

Notably, data miners in Breath of the Wild discovered that experience was only gained for the first ten enemies of each specific type, including formidable bosses that yielded substantial XP rewards.

As players level up through this hidden system, the game world reacts accordingly. More challenging enemies, such as blue and black Bokoblins, become more prevalent throughout Hyrule, ensuring players are constantly engaged and face new threats.

However, as soldier constructs on The Great Sky Island, certain enemies remain unaffected by the scaling system and retain their basic forms regardless of player progression.

Furthermore, the experience scaling system also affects the types and characteristics of weapons encountered. As players progress, they will come across more powerful weapons. In contrast, specific weapons that do not change their type may acquire modifiers, enhancing their attack stats or durability beyond their base forms.

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The scaling rule even extends to the undecayed weapons held by the mist ghosts found in the depths, providing players with an opportunity to obtain high-quality weapons like the Royal Guard’s Claymore.

If Austin John Plays’ findings are accurate, Tears of the Kingdom offers players the freedom to determine their level of challenge. Adventurous players can dive headfirst into battling more formidable enemies, gaining quick experience and unlocking access to even deadlier adversaries and superior weaponry. 

Meanwhile, more cautious players can approach slower, focusing on shrines to increase their hearts and stamina before confronting the game’s fiercest opponents.

As fans continue exploring the vast world of Tears of the Kingdom, this hidden experience scaling system adds depth and replayability to the game, ensuring that each playthrough offers special surprises and challenges.

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