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Pokemon Go Community Calls for Enhanced Accessibility Options on 7th Anniversary

With the seventh anniversary of Pokemon Go just around the corner, players are urging the popular mobile game to prioritize implementing comprehensive accessibility options.

As the milestone approaches, anticipation grows for another exciting Anniversary event in July 2023. However, instead of solely focusing on new content and features, a vocal segment of the Pokemon Go community advocates for the long-overdue introduction of accessibility settings to enhance the gaming experience for all players.

The discussion gained traction on TheSilphRoad subreddit, where one passionate fan initiated a thread titled, “Seven years later, Pokemon Go still lacks accessibility settings.”

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The original poster highlighted the glaring absence of accessibility options in Pokemon Go and expressed their disappointment, stating, “In an era where many games incorporate extensive accessibility settings, it is disheartening that Niantic’s game lacks them entirely.”

In recent years, the gaming industry has made commendable strides in accommodating a broader range of gamers, offering features such as color-blind settings, customizable controls, and more. 

Recognizing this progress, the Pokemon Go player who initiated the discussion sought input from the community on the accessibility options they wished to see integrated into the game.

Suggestions put forth by the community included dedicated color-blind settings, the ability to customize tapping gestures to holding gestures, adjustable text size for better legibility, and the option to reduce or eliminate white flashes that may trigger migraines or sensory sensitivities.

Commenters echoed the sentiment that Pokemon Go would greatly benefit from including these accessibility options. One user shared their experience: “As someone with astigmatism, adjustable text sizes would be beneficial. My eyes don’t always cooperate.”[1]

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Another player voiced their desire for an option to mitigate the white flashes that occur during screen transitions, noting, “Bright flashes tend to trigger migraines for me, so having a way to limit or remove them would make the game much more enjoyable.”

The demand for improved accessibility in Pokemon Go has been a recurring topic of discussion in recent months, indicating a growing awareness and desire for inclusivity within the player community. By addressing these concerns and implementing accessibility options, Niantic could significantly bolster community sentiment and demonstrate its commitment to making the game more accessible for all players.

As the seventh-anniversary approaches, Pokemon Go enthusiasts eagerly await Niantic’s response to these calls for enhanced accessibility options. 

While the outcome remains uncertain, the positive impact that such features would have on the player base makes their inclusion a valuable step toward fostering a more inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

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