Kobe Bryant as NBA 2K24 Cover Athlete News

NBA 2K24 Pays Tribute to a Legend with Kobe Bryant as the Cover Athlete

In a heartfelt homage to one of basketball’s most iconic figures, 2K Sports has unveiled the legendary Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete for NBA 2K24, creating a buzz of excitement among fans and gamers alike.

The upcoming NBA 2K24 will feature two special editions: the Kobe Bryant Edition and the Black Mamba Edition, both showcasing the indomitable spirit and legacy of the late basketball superstar. 

While this is not Bryant’s debut cover of the NBA 2K game, the decision to honor the Black Mamba comes as a fitting tribute to his immeasurable impact on the sport and his enduring legacy.

Kobe Bryant, an 18-time All-Star, 5-time NBA World Champion, and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, has since left a void in the basketball world and beyond after his passing in January 2020. Tragically, Kobe’s life was cut short in a helicopter crash that also claimed the lives of his daughter, Gianna, and seven others. 

The incident sent shockwaves throughout the world, leaving basketball fans devastated and mourning the loss of an icon. His impact and influence on and off the court were immeasurable, making him a revered figure among fans and players.

Kobe Bryant as NBA 2K24 Cover Athlete

The decision by 2K Sports to feature Bryant on the cover of NBA 2K24 was met with overwhelming support from the basketball community. Advocates for Bryant flooded social media platforms with requests and petitions, emphasizing that no one else could honor his legacy like the game that captured the essence of basketball itself.

A fan tweet that has gone viral echoed the sentiments of countless fans, stating, “Anyone but Kobe on the NBA 2K24 cover is blasphemous.” This outcry showed that Bryant’s presence on the cover was the only fitting tribute.

Following the official announcementl, rumors and speculation swirled regarding potential candidates, with 2022-23 NBA Champion Nikola Jokic among the names mentioned. However, 2K Sports went beyond statistics and accolades, recognizing Bryant’s profound impact on the sport and its fans.

With Bryant as the cover [1], NBA 2K24 celebrates not only his on-court achievements but also his relentless pursuit of greatness, his unwavering work ethic, and his commitment to inspiring individuals worldwide. It is a testament to his unparalleled legacy and the indelible mark he left on the game.

Fans can look forward to the release of these Kobe Bryant and Black Mamba editions in the latter part of 2023. While specific details regarding the game’s features and release date are yet to be disclosed, anticipation is running high as players eagerly await the chance to immerse themselves in basketball and pay their respects to the great Kobe Bryant.

As the NBA 2K franchise continues to evolve and innovate, NBA 2K24’s decision to honor Kobe Bryant as its cover athlete reaffirms his enduring influence on the sport and his everlasting place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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