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Fan Project Aims to Give Super Mario Bros the Ultimate Remake After 38 Years

In a remarkable display of passion and creativity, a dedicated Super Mario Bros fan is taking matters into their own hands to create what could be the definitive edition of the iconic game 38 years after its original release. 

The “Super Mario Bros Ultra Deluxe” project aims to provide players with an experience that captures the essence of the original while incorporating modern improvements.

Super Mario Bros, released in 1985, played a pivotal role in shaping the gaming landscape, introducing players to the world of side-scrolling platformers and marking the debut of the beloved character, Mario. 

Super Mario Bros Ultra Deluxe

Despite its historical significance, the game has seen various re-releases that have often maintained its original form. Nintendo’s attempts at enhancing the game have been limited, with one notable effort being the 1999 release of “Super Mario Bros. Deluxe” for the Game Boy Color. 

This version expanded upon the classic with new features and refined mechanics, yet its smaller screen size was a limitation.

This is where “Super Mario Bros Ultra Deluxe” steps in. Developed by a fan known as aloelucidity, this fangame aims to provide a comprehensive remake for the PC platform. 

Although it requires the original game ROM to function (likely to avoid legal issues), it promises to deliver the expanded features and modes of the Game Boy Color version, all while rectifying the screen size problem that plagued the handheld release. Players can expect a comfortable viewing window and widescreen support, ensuring the action is presented as intended.

Super Mario Bros Ultra Deluxe trailer

In addition to “Super Mario Bros Ultra Deluxe,” aloelucidity is also working on another project named “Super Mario Shockwave.” This ambitious endeavor features 2D [1] platforming mechanics that pay homage to the 3D Mario games, demonstrating the developer’s versatility and dedication to the Mario franchise. The project even boasts a level editor, allowing players to craft their imaginative stages.

The ongoing dedication of fans like aloelucidity is a testament to the lasting impact of Super Mario Bros and the innovative spirit it continues to inspire. While Nintendo has undoubtedly contributed to the legacy of Mario, these fan projects showcase the enduring creativity within the gaming community.

As the development of “Super Mario Bros Ultra Deluxe” and “Super Mario Shockwave” progresses, gamers can eagerly anticipate the evolution of these projects and the potential they hold for the future of Super Mario.

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