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Diablo 4 Release Date and Early Access Times Revealed: Prepare to Enter Sanctuary!

The highly anticipated release of Diablo 4 is just around the corner, and fans worldwide are eagerly preparing to embark on their demon-slaying adventures. 

As the excitement builds, players anxiously await when the servers finally open, allowing them to dive into Sanctuary’s dark and treacherous world.

Release Date

Diablo 4 is set to release on June 5 at 4 PM PDT, marking the game’s official launch. This eagerly awaited moment will be simultaneous for players across the globe, although the actual time will vary depending on your timezone and region.

Players owning any edition of Diablo 4 can begin their epic journey starting from the following times:

Diablo IV

However, if you’re eager to get a head start and enjoy some early access to the game, there’s good news for owners of the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.

Early Access

Early access to Diablo 4 begins globally on June 1 at 4 PM PDT, providing an exciting opportunity for those who have pre-purchased these special editions. The early access release times are as follows:

It’s important to note that these release times are synchronized with midnight U.K. time. So, while players in the Americas can start their demonic quests on Thursday, players in Asia will have to wait until Friday morning to join the battle against the forces of darkness.

Diablo 4 promises to deliver a hellishly good time, and Blizzard has provided a taste of what’s to come with a pre-release version of the game.

Early impressions have been positive, with Diablo 4 offering an evolved Diablo formula, a shared expansive world, and the thrill of engaging with hordes of other players. As the servers go live, players can expect a truly immersive experience.

Diablo IV gameplay

Whether you join the early access period or wait for the official release, Diablo 4 will be made available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Prepare yourselves, heroes of Sanctuary, as the gates to the abyss are about to open. The time to confront the legions of darkness and claim epic loot is almost here. So sharpen your weapons, gather your allies, and prepare to embark on a legendary adventure in Diablo 4!

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