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Former BioWare Producer Admits Anthem Wasn’t Ready for Launch

In a recent revelation, former BioWare producer Ian Saterdalen candidly discussed the development challenges surrounding the live-service shooter, Anthem. Shedding light on the game’s troubled journey, Saterdalen acknowledged that BioWare knew Anthem was not ready for its intended launch.

Saterdalen took to Twitter to share his perspective on Anthem’s development, admitting that the game was cobbled together in 15 months. The ambitious project faced significant time constraints, resulting in a rushed development cycle that could have improved the game’s overall quality.

Regarding aspirations of creating a “Destiny killer,” Saterdalen revealed that the BioWare team downplayed any such claims. 

Acknowledging the immense expertise and resources that Bungie had accumulated over the years, BioWare developers knew they couldn’t compete head-on with the top-rated Destiny franchise.

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The former producer emphasized that BioWare’s main priority was to gain experience in the live-service game genre. Anthem marked the studio’s foray into this realm, presenting a steep learning curve. 

Recognizing their limitations, BioWare consciously avoided directly challenging Destiny, one of the most successful online console shooters at the time.

Unfortunately, Anthem faced a tumultuous reception upon release, which tarnished BioWare’s reputation. The game encountered various technical issues and lacked the polish expected from a major AAA title [1]. 

This led to internal discussions about rebooting Anthem, but the planned revitalization was eventually abandoned, leaving the game’s future uncertain.

The reboot’s cancellation dashed hopes of discovering BioWare’s revised vision for Anthem. The decision resulted in the loss of countless hours of dedicated work by the development team—a regrettable outcome for all involved.

Anthem - exploring Scar Nest

Despite the challenges faced by Anthem, BioWare enthusiasts can find solace in the fact that the studio has other exciting projects on the horizon. 

Notably, Dragon Age 4, the highly anticipated next installment in the acclaimed franchise, is set to release within the next year or so. Fans can look forward to BioWare’s signature storytelling and immersive worlds in this forthcoming adventure.

BioWare’s acknowledgment of Anthem’s shortcomings and commitment to learning from the experience underscores its dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences. 

As the industry evolves, studios must reflect on their strengths and limitations, ensuring that future projects resonate with players and meet the high standards the studio and the gaming community sets.

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