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How to Create a Custom Team in MLB: The Show 23

MLB: The Show 23 is an immersive baseball simulation game that allows fans to experience the excitement of managing their own custom team. With a vast array of customizable options, players can design their team from the ground up, choosing everything from team details and logos to uniforms and stadium selection. 

Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on creating your own custom team in MLB: The Show 23, ensuring that you have the ultimate gaming experience. 

Steps to Making Your Own Custom Team in MLB: The Show 23

Access Franchise Mode

To begin building your custom team, you must first access Franchise Mode. From the Home Menu in MLB: The Show 23, select “Franchise” to get started.

Start a New Franchise

After entering Franchise Mode, choose “Start New” and “Use Current Rosters.” This ensures that your custom team has access to the latest player rosters, enhancing the realism of your gameplay [1].

MLB Franchise

Choose Your Base Team

Now comes the exciting part! Scroll through the list of available teams in the game and pick any existing team that you like. This selected team will serve as the foundation for your custom team, and you’ll have the opportunity to customize it further to fit your vision.

If you want to handpick players from different teams, you can access the “Roster Control” button by clicking “Create.” Move each player you want for your custom team and pick them for the “Free Agent Pool.” 

Go to “Create”> “Roster Control”>Select any team>” Player Movement”>Select any player and trade them for anyone on the Free Agent Pool to get your desired players. Do this before starting a new franchise.

Access Team Customization

After selecting your base team, hit the R1/RB buttons on your PS and Xbox Controller to access the customization options. This will lead you to the Team Customization page, where you can fine-tune every aspect of your team.

Team Details

You’ll find various sections on the Team Customization page to help you define your team’s identity. Start by adjusting the Team Details, where you can modify the team name, abbreviation, main colors, and location to reflect your preferences. 

You can choose a name that resonates with your favorite city or create a unique moniker that represents your team’s spirit.

View Logo Vault

The Logo Vault is a treasure trove of pre-designed logos created by game developers and the community. 

Take some time to browse through the collection, and you might discover a logo that perfectly captures the essence of your team’s theme. Download the logo and upload the emblem to your team.

Logo Editor

For those seeking a more hands-on approach to customization, the Logo Editor is where the magic happens. This powerful tool grants you complete creative control, allowing you to craft a logo from scratch. 

Experiment with various shapes, colors, and symbols to design a logo that perfectly represents your team’s spirit. With imagination and patience, you can create a visually striking emblem that your players will proudly wear on their uniforms.

MLB create team


Customize your team’s uniforms to make a statement on the field. From the jersey design to the color palette, you can tweak every detail to your liking. Whether you prefer a classic, retro look or a modern, bold appearance, the customization options are virtually limitless. 

Creating a distinctive uniform will make your team stand out and give your players a sense of unity and pride as they step onto the field.

Stadium Select

The stadium is the beating heart of your team, and you have the power to personalize it to suit your team’s personality. Choose from various stadium options, each with its unique atmosphere and layout. 

You can adjust seating arrangements, add team-specific banners and decorations, and even select the location of your stadium.

MLB Gameplay

Save and Enjoy

Once you have meticulously customized every aspect of your team, it’s time to save your progress. Ensure you save your custom team data to preserve your hard work and creativity. 

Now, you’re ready to dive into the game and experience the thrill of playing with your custom team in MLB: The Show 23.


MLB: The Show 23 offers baseball enthusiasts a unique opportunity to create and manage their own custom team. With an extensive range of customization options for team details, logos, uniforms, and stadiums, players can bring their vision to life and craft a personalized gaming experience. 

Every aspect of your custom team is in your hands, from the team name to the design on the jersey and the atmosphere in the stadium. So, gather your creativity, step up to the plate, and build a team that reflects your passion and style in MLB: The Show 23. Play ball!

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