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Killing Floor 2 Custom Maps Server

Killing Floor 2 is one of the most renowned first-person shooter games developed byTripwire Interactive. The game is based on the events of Killing Floor, in which biotech firm Horzine attempted to create military clones but was hijacked by an insane researcher who unleashed the clones across the United Kingdom. 

The game a dedicated fan base who enjoy customizing their own servers. But many often wonder what a custom maps server is for the game. In this post, our gamers will share what you can find in a Killing Floor 2 Custom Maps Server!

What is a Killing Floor 2 Custom Maps Server?

A Killing Floor 2 Custom Maps Server is a dedicated server [1] that allows players to host custom maps and game modes. This can be used to play with friends or to host a public server on which anyone can join in. 

Players can customize the settings of the server, such as the map selection, game type, and settings, as well as the number of players allowed.

Killing Floor 2 Custom Maps Server

Custom maps can also be created and uploaded to the server, allowing players to create their own unique game experiences.


Killing Floor 2 Custom Maps Servers are a great way to play Killing Floor 2 with friends or host a public game for anyone to join. It gives them the option to create their own game experiences, and  setting it up is easy and can be done in a few steps.

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