Give Sellen the Glinstone Elden Ring

Why Can’t I Give Sellen the Primal Glintstone? (Elden Ring)

Elden Ring is a popular game enjoyed by many. However, a problem that has been commonly reported by some users is that the Sellen Primal Glintstone fails to work. 

To help you out, here are some of the solutions that worked for us!

Solutions for the Sellen Primal Glintstone Not Working

This glitch is a tiresome one since it will hinder you from completing her quest since prevents players from transferring the flintstone to the new style. 

However, this isn’t a problem or a glitch. There is actually a requirement that the game doesn’t mention but you must fulfill in order to finish the task.

Give Sellen the Primal Glintstone

Elden Ring has Sellen’s Primal Glintstone as an important item and it is formed within Sellen’s body. The main parts of Elden Ring are a variety of artifacts located in specific areas or given by relevant NPCs [1] that can be used to activate sections, and tasks, and advance the game’s story.

You can overcome this obstacle by beating Radahn and speaking with Jerren about your Sellen and Primal Glintstone questlines that aren’t progressing. 

Once you’ve met these requirements, you’ll be able to transform the flintstone into her new body in Three Sisters’ ruin.

Give Sellen the Primal Glintstone

If you did everything and still couldn’t move forward, there’s a chance you accidentally hit her. You can change the situation by praying at The Church of Vows. 

Once you’ve completed these instructions, you will be able to finish the questline properly. 

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