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Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 5 — Masterful Craftsmanship + Locations

In the treacherous world of Elden Ring, survival and triumph heavily rely on one’s armaments and weapon upgrades. As players embark on their perilous journey, they’ll uncover robust upgrade materials, with the Somber Smithing Stone 5 being a rare gem. 

In this guide, we will delve into the significance of weapon upgrades, introduce the enigmatic Somber Smithing Stone 5, and understand its role in strengthening unique armaments.

Somber Smithing Stone 5: Powering Up Unique Armaments

The Somber Smithing Stone 5 is a mystic relic imbued with unique properties that set it apart from conventional smithing stones. When wielded at the Smithing Table, this stone can strengthen impressive armaments from +4 to +5, bestowing extraordinary power upon them.

However, it’s essential to recognize the distinctions between unique armaments and standard equipment, as the stone’s effects differ significantly based on the type of gear it enhances.

A Guide to Locating Somber Smithing Stone 5

Exploring the world of Elden Ring presents numerous opportunities to discover the elusive Somber Smithing Stone 5.

The following guide provides detailed descriptions and map links to help players locate the stone in various locations, such as the School of Graven Mages, the Volcano Manor, and the Leyndell Royal Capital.

With this knowledge, players can embark on thrilling adventures and collect these precious upgrade materials to forge a path of triumph.

Exploring Locations to Find Somber Smithing Stone 5



School of Graven Mages

South of the Deep Siofra Well grace

Large Stone Ruin

Highest level of the Siofra River

Gaol Cave

Requires two Stonesword Keys to access

Volcano Manor

Found on a corpse in the dungeon

Altus Tunnel

Inside the second cavern

Nokron, Eternal City

Dropped by a Teardrop Scarab on the bridge

Bower of Bounty Site of Grace, Altus Plateau

Dropped by a Teardrop Scarab

Sealed Tunnel

The Lower section of the cavern, the northeast wall

Leyndell, Royal Capital

North of the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace

The Shaded Castle

On a body by the dead tree on the western end

Redmane Castle

On a corpse by the large monument

Old Altus Tunnel

At the bottom of the main chamber

Unmarked Ruin on Cliff (Minor Erdtree)

West of the Outer Wall Battleground

Purchasing the Somber Smithing Stone 5

After providing the Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (3) key items, the Somber Smithing Stone 5 can be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.

Utilizing Somber Smithing Stone 5 to Enhance Armaments

Players must grasp its unique effects on special armaments when standing at the Smithing Table with the Somber Smithing Stone 5 in hand.

This upgraded material, distinct from standard smithing stones, amplifies the potential of armaments, making them genuinely formidable. 

As players strengthen their gear with the Somber Stone, they will witness a remarkable difference in the prowess of their weaponry, enabling them to face even the most formidable adversaries.

Enhancing Armaments and Progressing in Elden Ring

Armed with the mighty Somber Smithing Stone 5, players can improve their armaments and overcome the relentless challenges that lie ahead. Strengthening their gear at the Smithing Table will pave the way for their journey through the unforgiving lands of Elden Ring [1]

Moreover, locating the Blacksmith, Smithing Master Hewg, will prove invaluable in upgrading gear and propelling players toward higher power levels.

The Significance of Upgraded Armaments

In Elden Ring, weapons are the defining factor in a player’s success. Upgrading armaments is paramount for overcoming formidable foes and bosses.

The Somber Smithing Stone 5 holds the key to unlocking the true potential of unique armaments, elevating them to a staggering +5 level. As players gather these rare stones and fortify their weapons, they become formidable forces in the game.

Using Somber Smithing Stone 5 to Overcome Challenges

As players progress through Elden Ring, challenges become increasingly daunting. Special armaments infused with the power of the Somber Stone serve as essential tools in conquering these hurdles. 

Keep in mind that the Somber Smithing Stones are to be used in order, to properly apply upgrades on your equipment

The stone’s unique effects set it apart from standard smithing materials, granting players an edge in battle. With strategic use and careful planning, players can unleash the full potential of their armaments, toppling even the most fearsome adversaries.

Finding the Blacksmith: Smithing Master Hewg

To harness the full potential of Somber Smithing Stone 5, players must find the elusive Blacksmith, Smithing Master Hewg. Hiding within the Roundtable Hold, Smithing Master Hewg is the key to upgrading gear.

By obtaining the Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (3), players unlock the ability to purchase Somber Smithing Stone 5 from the Twin Maiden Husks. A meeting with Smithing Master Hewg will prove pivotal in the journey, as it opens the gateway to harnessing the true might of the Somber Stone.


In the dark and dangerous realm of Elden Ring, the Somber Smithing Stone 5 is a precious upgrade material. As players venture forth, strengthening their special armaments will play a pivotal role in their quest for triumph. 

By embracing this rare stone’s power and strategically using its capabilities, players can forge a path of empowerment and conquer the challenges that await. 

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