Can't Leave Rannis Rise Elden Ring

Fixed: Can’t Leave Rannis Rise on Elden Ring

When playing Elden Ring, many players become trapped in Ranni’s Rise and are unable to progress further. As you make your way through Ranni’s questline, you’ll eventually get to this location. 

This questline is crucial to achieving one of the game’s multiple endings. The solution to this problem is detailed in this article, so read on if you’re one of the players who has reached this point and can’t seem to find a way out.

Fixes When You Can’t Leave Ranni’s Rise

Talking to the local NPCs and then to Ranni will allow you to leave Ranni’s Rise. If you finish talking to all three of them in quick succession, you should be able to use fast travel once more and leave. Here are the precise instructions to do this:

Can't Leave Rannis Rise
Can't Leave Rannis Rise

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