CSGO How to Change Crosshair CS:GO

How to Change Your Crosshair on CS:GO

Are you looking to customize your CS:GO experience and make it look more professional? Changing your crosshair is an excellent way to do that! 

This guide will show you how to change your crosshair on CS:GO, from the settings menu, console, a custom config file, or with crosshair maps. Read on to learn how:

How to Change Crosshair on CS:GO?

In CS:GO, there are several ways to change your crosshair. Let’s look at each of these ways in more depth.

Via Settings

Setting up your crosshair is the easiest way to change it. Developers let you change your view with different colors, sizes, and styles that change over time, etc. Find it by going this way:


You can add new features to your crosshair and see what they look like in the preview window above the settings. You can change the preview map, and your new crosshair can be shared or imported.

Via Console

There is a developer console [1] in CS:GO for people who want to make a lot of changes to how the game works. From the console, you can change a lot of settings, including adjusting the sight.

console command

Via CFG File

You can also add commands to the game file config to change the sight. Here is the direction:

Via Crosshair Maps

You can also use crosshair maps to customize your crosshair. Crosshair maps allow you to instantly change your crosshair with a few clicks. 

CSGO How to Change Crosshair

In sum, changing your crosshair on CS:GO is a great way to customize your experience and make it look more professional. 

You can change your crosshair from the settings menu, console, a custom config file, or with crosshair maps. Now that you know how to change your crosshair, go ahead and get creative!

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