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Is Bloodborne Available on Steam?

With the release of Dark Souls on Steam, many gamers are wondering if FromSoftware will bring their next game, Bloodborne, to Steam. While our game reporters don’t have any official word from the developers yet, here’s what they know so far.:

Will Bloodborne Be Coming to Steam?

Despite the fact that Bloodborne was released over seven years ago, there is no current timetable for the game’s release on Steam. There is currently no official PC port of the game.

Bloodborne is currently only available on PlayStation 4 consoles. At this time, the game has not been remade or re-released for the PlayStation 5. If you want to play Bloodborne, you’ll almost always need a PlayStation 4.

Bloodborne gameplay

However, you can play Bloodborne on PC using PlayStation Now, an on-demand service that allows you to stream PlayStation games to your PC. 

Remember that PS Now is a paid subscription service [1]. If you want to play Bloodborne on PC, this subscription service is your only option because the game cannot be purchased as a one-time purchase, as it can on the PS4.

Bloodborne is currently not in a position to be released on Steam. It is FromSoftware’s only souls-like game that has not received an official PC release. 

Despite the fact that Sony has released several one-time PlayStation 4 exclusives on Steam in recent years, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War, Bloodborne’s future on the PC platform is still unknown.

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