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TF2 Official Servers — Your Quick Guide

Team Fortress 2 is an immensely popular first-person shooter game that has been around since 2007. It has millions of fans all over the world, and many have been wondering if TF2 has official servers. 

If you’re among the players who are interested, our gamers will answer the question of whether or not TF2 has official servers. We’ll also share the types of servers available, the different ways to join them, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

With this information, you can decide for yourself which type of server is best!

Does TF2 Have Official Servers?

There are presently thousands of Team Fortress 2 servers operating globally. A server is responsible for a variety of gameplay components in Team Fortress 2. It responds to player actions by updating their respective locations and states, such as firing a weapon, before deciding an appropriate response, such as dealing damage to a target and then broadcasting the results to the player. 

The server also manages non-player-controlled events, such as map time, Sentry Gun behavior, etc. Using the Source engine, two different types of servers can be operated.

tf2 official server

Listen or Local Server

A listen server is a simple server running within the TF2 client of a player. To create this server, simply select the Create Server option from the main menu. 

Other players can connect to this server, but running a regular client on the same PC strains the hardware of the host player. Having said that, these servers are optimal for LAN-based events.

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Dedicated Server

This type of server that operates independently of Steam. Dedicated servers [1] are preferred, among other reasons, because they incur less overhead. 

In addition, many dedicated servers are operated on high-end hardware in data centers, offering players high performance and quick, dependable connections that are rarely guaranteed over residential connections. 

Dedicated servers often operate on ports 27000 through 27050, but primarily on port 27015.


In summary, TF2 does have official servers that are used by millions of players. Players can choose from either a listen server which runs within the TF2 client of a player, or a dedicated server which operates independently of Steam. 

However, dedicated servers are the preferred choice due to the higher performance they offer and their reliable connections.

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