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Skyrim Console Commands Cheats for Ultimate Power and Adventure!

Skyrim is a vast, immersive land that has captivated players for over a decade. As the Dragonborn, you embark on a heroic journey filled with quests, adventures, and opportunities to shape your destiny. 

While the game offers an exceptional experience, some players crave more control over their gameplay. This is where Skyrim console commands and cheats come into play.

Customizing Gameplay

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Skyrim console commands are essential for players seeking a more personalized gaming experience. While the game offers diverse paths and choices, console commands provide an additional layer of customization. 

Whether you want to modify gameplay mechanics, acquire powerful items, or become an unstoppable force, these commands empower players to play the game exactly how they want.

These commands are beneficial for overcoming challenges and exploring creative and humorous scenarios that can enhance the gaming experience. 

By experimenting with console commands, players can uncover hidden secrets, test different playstyles, and unleash their imagination within the vast world of Skyrim.

Potential Risks and Precautions

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As with any powerful tool, Skyrim console commands come with potential risks. Incorrectly using certain commands can lead to glitches, crashes, or even irreversible damage to your saved files. Therefore, it is crucial to use console commands responsibly and wisely.

Before experimenting with console commands, it is advisable to create a backup save to revert to a stable point in the game if something goes wrong. 

Additionally, players should be cautious when using commands that affect NPCs [1], quests, or the game’s core mechanics to avoid unintended consequences.

Most Useful Skyrim Console Commands

Console Command Skyrim

Now that we understand the basics of console commands let’s explore some of Skyrim’s most valuable and frequently used commands. These commands have many applications and can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Toggle Commands

Toggle commands in Skyrim provide instant changes to various game features and mechanics. They are often used to turn on or off certain aspects of the game, giving players more control over their gameplay.




Enables God Mode, granting invincibility and infinite magicka and stamina


Toggles No-Clip mode, allowing free movement through walls, can fly


Enables Immortal Mode, can take damage but cannot be killed


Toggles AI behavior, making NPCs non-combative


Toggles combat AI, pacifying hostile NPCs


Unlocks selected doors or chests


Turns off fog of war on the map

1. God Mode (tgm)

God Mode (tgm) is one of the most sought-after commands in Skyrim. When activated, the player becomes invulnerable to damage, and their stamina, magicka, and health bars are unlimited.

typing god mode skyrim

2. No-Clip Mode (tcl)

No-Clip mode (tcl) allows players to move freely through objects and terrain. When active, players can pass through walls, mountains, and other obstacles without hindrance. 

3. Toggles for AI and Combat AI (tai, tcai)

The ‘tai’ command toggles AI behavior, making NPCs non-interactive. It can be helpful when players want to create cinematic scenes or take screenshots without NPCs reacting to their presence.

On the other hand, ‘tcai’ toggles combat AI, pacifying hostile NPCs and preventing them from attacking.

Player Commands

player.additem [Item ID #] skyrim code

Player commands in Skyrim focus on altering the player character’s attributes, skills, and inventory. These commands allow players to fine-tune their character to suit their playstyle and preferences.



advskill [skill] [#]

Levels up a skill by adding skill points

player.setlevel [#]

Sets the player’s level

player.additem [Item ID #]

Adds the specified item to the inventory


Opens the character creation menu


Changes the player character’s gender

1. Leveling up Skills (advskill, incpcs)

The ‘advskill’ command allows players to level a specific skill by adding skill points. For example, “advskill onehanded 50” increases the One-Handed skill by 50 points. It helps develop particular skills quickly or reach skill-level requirements for perks.

2. Setting Attributes (player.setlevel, player.setav)

The ‘player.setlevel’ command directly sets the player character’s level to the desired value. For instance, “player.setlevel 30” sets the player’s level to 30.

The ‘player.setav’ command adjusts specific attributes such as Health, Magicka, and Stamina. For example, “player.setav health 200” sets the character’s maximum health to 200.

3. Adding Gold, Lockpicks, and Items (player.additem, player.modav)

gold skyrim cheat code

With the ‘player.additem’ command, players can add any item to their inventory using its item code. For instance, “player.additem 00013911 10” adds ten lockpicks to the inventory.

The ‘player.modav’ command is used to modify attributes such as carry weight or gold. For example, “player.modav carryweight 100” increases the character’s carry weight by 100.

4. Changing Appearance and Gender (showracemenu, sexchange)

The ‘showracemenu’ command opens the character creation menu, allowing players to customize their character’s appearance, including facial features, hair, and more. 

However, this command is best used during the character creation process or when starting a new game, as using it in the middle of the game can lead to unintended glitches or changes to your character’s appearance.

Targeted Commands

skyrim kill command

Targeted commands affect specific NPCs or objects in the game world. Players can use these commands to manipulate characters, creatures, and items in various ways.




Kills the selected target


Unlocks the targeted door or container


Changes the ownership of the targeted object


Equips the selected item on the targeted NPC


Equips the chosen spell on the targeted NPC


Adds a perk to the player’s character


Removes a perk from the player character


Adds a spell to the player’s character


Removes a spell from the player’s character


Adds the specified item to the targeted NPC


Removes the specified item from the targeted NPC

1. Effects on NPCs or Objects (kill, resurrect, unlock, setownership)

The ‘kill’ command does as it sounds – it kills the selected target, an NPC or a creature. Use this command cautiously, as it can permanently affect the game world.

Conversely, the ‘resurrect’ command revives a previously killed target, bringing them back to life. It can be helpful if you accidentally kill an important NPC during your adventures. The ‘unlock’ command unlocks the targeted door or container.

2. Equipping Items and Spells on NPCs (equipitem, equipspell)

skyrim equipped on npc

The ‘equipitem’ command equips the selected item from the player’s inventory on the targeted NPC. It can be helpful for role-playing purposes or setting up specific scenes.

Similarly, the ‘equipspell’ command allows players to equip a chosen spell on the targeted NPC. It can be used for various creative purposes, such as turning NPCs into powerful allies or making them perform special abilities.

3. Adding and Removing Perks, Spells, and Items from Targets

Players can use ‘addperk’ to grant their player character a specific perk instantly. Conversely, the ‘removeperk’ command removes a chosen bonus from the player’s character. It helps experiment with different character builds or undo unwanted perk selections.

For those who want to add or remove spells from their player character, ‘addspell’ and ‘removespell’ commands come in handy. It allows players to acquire or dispose of spells without visiting spell vendors quickly.

Quest-Related Commands

caqs skyrim cheats

Quest-related commands enable players to manipulate quests and stages, allowing for the progression or resolution of certain quests without fulfilling their prerequisites.




Completes all quest stages instantly


Teleports the player to the quest target


Sets the quest stage to a specific value


Resets the targeted quest to its first stage

1. Automatically Completing Quest Stages (caqs)

The ‘caqs’ command instantly completes all quest stages of the main storyline and side quests. While this command allows players to skip quests, they’re challenging or tedious. It is essential to remember that it may also prevent the natural progression of the storyline and associated rewards.

2. Teleporting to Quest Targets (movetoqt)

The ‘movetoqt’ command teleports the player to the quest target, helping them avoid lengthy journeys to distant locations or hard-to-reach areas. This command is handy for quests with unclear or faraway objectives.

3. Advancing or Resetting Quest Stages (setstage, resetquest)

The ‘setstage’ command enables players to set the quest stage to a specific value, allowing them to progress through a quest manually. For instance, “setstage MQ102 50” sets the stage of a particular main quest to 50, enabling players to move forward with that quest.

On the other hand, ‘resetquest’ resets the targeted quest to its default state, undoing any progress made in the pursuit. This command is helpful if a quest becomes bugged or unplayable, allowing players to start it from scratch.

Weather and System Commands

Weather and system commands in Skyrim focus on environmental and game settings. Players can use these commands to change the weather, adjust the field of view, quit the game, or access the help menu.



forceweather [code]

Changes the weather to the specified code

fov [#]

Adjusts the field of view


Quickly quits the game

help [text]

Provides every command in the console

1. Changing Weather Conditions (forceweather)

The ‘forceweather’ command allows players to manipulate the weather conditions in Skyrim. Using specific codes such as “forceweather 0010E1F2 ,” players can trigger weather patterns, including clear skies, rain, snow, and more.

2. Adjusting FOV (fov)

The ‘fov’ command lets players adjust the field of view, allowing for a broader or narrower perspective. A higher FOV value widens the view, while a lower value narrows it. 

2. Adjusting FOV (fov)

The ‘fov’ command lets players adjust the field of view, allowing for a broader or narrower perspective. A higher FOV value widens the view, while a lower value narrows it. 

3. Quitting the Game (qqq) and Accessing the Help Menu (help)

The ‘qqq’ command is a quick way to exit the game instantly. Players can use this command to close the game abruptly or leave the desktop without going through the typical menus.

The ‘help’ command grants access to the in-game help menu, which provides the list of commands in the console.

Skyrim Cheats and Console Commands for PC

Playing Skyrim on the PC platform offers an advantage when using console commands and cheats. While console versions of the game do not have direct access to the developer console, PC players can utilize this powerful tool to its full extent.

To use console commands on the PC version of Skyrim, simply press the tilde (~) key during gameplay to open the console. From there, you can input various commands to manipulate the game world, characters, and mechanics.

Console commands provide several benefits that can enhance the overall gaming experience for PC players. By using cheats, players can:

skyrim battle
  1. Tailor the gameplay to their preferences and experiment with various scenarios.
  2. Bypass challenging parts of the game or quests that they find frustrating.
  3. Test different character builds and experiment with various skills and abilities.
  4. Discover hidden secrets and easter eggs that may be difficult to find through regular gameplay.
  5. Create cinematic scenes or role-play specific scenarios for storytelling purposes.

Using cheats responsibly and creatively can add depth and excitement to the game, allowing players to engage with Skyrim uniquely and personally.


From god-like invincibility to instant quest completion, these commands can be used to test different scenarios, bypass challenges, and experiment with various aspects of the game.

However, it is essential to remember that console commands have potential risks. Incorrect use can lead to game-breaking glitches or even damage to save files. To mitigate these risks, saving your game frequently and using commands responsibly is crucial.

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