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Fixed: Ring of Elysium Connection to Server Aborted

Ring of Elysium is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle royale game made by Aurora Studio and published by TCH Scarlet Limited, both of which are subsidiaries of Tencent Games. The game allows players to battle against each other in an intense survival challenge. 

Due to the game’s action-filled nature, some players constantly experiencing an error stating “Connection to Server Aborted”, leaving them unable to connect to the game. Luckily, this error message can be easily avoided. 

Here, we’ll detail all the causes and troubleshooting steps to follow!

What is the Ring of Elysium Connection to Server Aborted Error?

The “Connection to Server Aborted” error is a common issue when attempting to connect to a game server in Ring of Elysium. 

It is caused by a variety of reasons, ranging from server to network connection problems. It can also be caused by a lack of memory or resources on the user’s device.

Ring of Elysium gameplay

The good news is that this error can usually be resolved quickly. The first step is to check your internet connection. If your connection is stable and you’re still getting this error, try restarting your device to reset the connection. 

Additionally, make sure that your firewall or antivirus isn’t blocking the game from connecting to the server.

If the error persists, you may need to try reinstalling the game or updating your graphics card drivers. You can also try using a VPN to connect to a different server.


The “Connection to Server Aborted” error can be frustrating, but it’s usually easy to fix. With the above troubleshooting steps, you can get back to playing Ring of Elysium with no issues again. 

However, if the error message keeps on coming back, you may need to contact the game’s customer support team [1] for further assistance.

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