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Monster Hunter Rise Eroded Skeleton Guide

In the vibrant and immersive world of Monster Hunter Rise, every hunt brings new challenges and rewards. One such enigmatic resource is the Eroded Skeleton, a sought-after item that holds the potential to forge weapons and armor. 

This guide delves into the intricacies of tracking down this elusive material and making the most of it in your quest to become a formidable hunter.

Unveiling the Eroded Skeleton

To embark on the journey of collecting Eroded Skeletons, you must venture into the Low Rank Quests or Expeditions to the Sandy Plains. Within this vast expanse of desert terrain, the Eroded Skeleton can be found nestled within bonepiles scattered throughout the landscape. 

To locate these valuable bonepiles, open your map and press X. Then, navigate to the Materials List 2 under the Icon Selection List and select the icon representing bonepiles.

Mastering the Art of Farming

For efficient Eroded Skeleton farming, your primary destination is the Sandy Plains during a Low Rank Expedition. Here, you have the opportunity to explore and harvest each bonepile, amassing a valuable collection of Eroded Skeletons. 

Monster Hunter farming

Be sure to consult the Locale information before setting out on your expedition, as this can reveal whether an Upsurge of Bonepiles is currently active. To access this information, press R while selecting a Low Rank expedition.

Upsurges, shifts in the distribution of resources, occur in roughly 10-minute intervals. Thus, even if the Sandy Plains lack an Upsurge of Bonepiles when you initiate your expedition, it’s likely to change as you traverse the terrain. Staying attentive to these fluctuations can significantly enhance your Eroded Skeleton farming efficiency.

Sandy Plains: A Treasure Trove of Locations

Every gathering node operates on a 4-5 minute respawn timer. To expedite this process, consider utilizing the Raisin d’etre Dango, a Daily Special Dango available at the Tea Shop. 

This delectable treat reduces the respawn time to approximately 3 minutes, granting you more frequent access to precious Eroded Skeletons.

When scouring the Sandy Plains for Eroded Skeletons, keep the following locations in mind:

Monster Hunter bone pile

This sequence of locations provides an optimal route for your Eroded Skeleton farming expedition.

Empowering Your Arsenal with Eroded Skeletons

The journey doesn’t end with collection; Eroded Skeletons hold the key to forging formidable weaponry and armor. Here’s a glimpse of the weapons and armor sets that can be crafted using these mysterious materials:

Monster Hunter eroded skeleton found

Forged Weapons

Upgraded Weapons

Armor Sets


In the captivating universe of Monster Hunter Rise [1], the pursuit of Eroded Skeletons unveils a world of opportunity. Armed with knowledge of their locations and uses, you’re primed to extract the most value from your hunting expeditions. 

As you delve into the mysteries of this ancient resource, remember that the journey itself is as enriching as the rewards it bestows.

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