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Monster Hunter World (MHW) Blue Completed, Explained

If you’re like most gamers, you’ve probably wondered what “Blue completed” means in Monster Hunter World. 

Well, wonder no more. In this post, we’ll take a look at the meaning of this term and how it can affect your gameplay.

What Does "Blue Completed" Mean?

Blue completed are quests that you’ve completed for now, as you progress or unlock some specific from either NPCs or just by increasing your hunter rank, you’ll gradually unlock more quests and eventually finish all of them. 

The last one for the “9 Stared Quest” section is unlocked after you reach HR 100. 

MHW Blue Completed

The speech bubbles represent NPC-given quests that, when completed, may unlock additional quests, gear, materials for harvesting, or ingredients for the canteen.

How Can You See Completed Quests in Monster Hunter World?

There are still quests at that level to be found or completed if a star on the optional quest board is marked with a blue complete rather than a red complete, indicating that you have finished everything you have.

MHW Blue Completed

Should You Do All Optional Quests in Monster Hunter World?

Although optional quests are not necessary to advance the main plot, they are quite beneficial for strengthening your character and preparing them for the next hunts [1]. 

Since they unlock a variety of items and provide you valuable rewards, it’s really in your best interest to finish every optional quest at least once.

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