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How to Play Duotrigordle — A Guide to Mastering the Game

Are you a word game enthusiast looking for an exhilarating challenge? Duotrigordle might be the perfect game for you. Duotrigordle is a thrilling variation of the popular word puzzle game Wordle, designed to test your vocabulary and strategic thinking skills. 

In this guide, we will delve into the world of Duotrigordle, exploring its rules, strategies, and features to help you become a master of this wordplay extravaganza.

How to Play Duotrigordle (Rules)

Basic Rules of Duotrigordle

Duotrigordle shares some similarities with its predecessor, Wordle, but adds its rules to ramp up the challenge. To begin, players must guess all 32 words in 37 attempts. 

Duotrigordle yellow and green letters

As you make guesses, the color blocks provide clues: Grey indicates absent letters, yellow denotes letters in the word but in the wrong position, and green reveals correctly placed letters. The challenge lies in making one guess that applies to all 32 boards.

Color Blocks and Their Meanings (Grey, Yellow, Green)

To make informed guesses, understanding the color blocks is crucial. Grey blocks indicate letters that do not appear in the word, yellow represents correctly guessed letters but placed incorrectly, and green signifies perfectly placed letters.

Tracking Progress with the Guess Tracker

Keeping track of your guesses and progress is essential in Duotrigordle. The guess tracker at the top of the page allows you to monitor your attempts and boards completed, helping you stay focused and organized.

The Challenge of One-Word Guessed Applying to All Boards

The unique challenge in Duotrigordle is that one guess applies to all 32 boards. It requires careful consideration and strategic thinking to make a guess that yields positive results across multiple Wordles.

Best Starting Words

An intelligent approach to kick-start your Duotrigordle journey is to begin with words containing the most vowels. Vowel-rich terms provide a solid foundation for forming guesses on other boards.

Duotrigordle enter vowels

Using vowel-rich words as a starting point allows you to identify common vowels shared across different Wordles. It can lead to more accurate and efficient guesses on other boards.

Best Tips and Strategy to Win

Familiarizing Yourself with the Game Interface

Before diving into Duotrigordle, take some time to familiarize yourself with the game interface. Understanding how the boards are presented and how to navigate through them will give you a competitive edge.

Clicking on Individual Boards for Better Clarity

Clicking on individual boards to see the letters highlighted in different colors provides better clarity, preventing confusion caused by overlapping colors.

Prioritizing Boards with More Green Letters

Focus your efforts on boards with more green letters indicating correctly placed letters. Solving these boards early on will eliminate certain letters and help refine your guesses on other boards.

Strategizing with Boards Containing More Yellow Letters

Boards with more yellow letters give you additional information about correctly guessed letters but in the wrong positions. Utilize these boards to generate potential words that fit the shared letters.

Duotrigordle yellow letters

Making New Attempts Based on Remaining Grey Letters

Make new attempts with words containing the remaining Grey letters to clear the path for accurate guesses. It will help eliminate impossible options and narrow down the possibilities.

Mastering the Art of Eliminating Letters in Subsequent Guesses

As you progress, boards will Grey out, revealing correctly placed letters. Use this information to eliminate letters in subsequent guesses and refine your strategy.

The Importance of Scrolling to Specific Boards

Scrolling to a specific board by clicking on the number block at the top lets you focus on individual Wordles, allowing for a more targeted approach.

Taking Your Time and Thinking Strategically Before Guessing

In Duotrigordle, every guesses matter. Take your time and think strategically before making each guess. Consider the big picture and how your guess will impact multiple Wordles.

Keeping Track of Fixed Letters on Each Board

Keep a mental note of fixed letters on each board. Understanding which letters are already correctly placed can guide your subsequent guesses and speed up your progress.


Utilizing External Resources for Word Suggestions

Feel free to use external resources, such as word suggestion websites, to find potential words that fit the pattern of yellow and green letters.

Duotrigordle Features and More

Duotrigordle has several features that set it apart from traditional Wordle [1] games. Players can customize their game, select characters with unique abilities and strengths, create custom maps with the map editor, and participate in competitive play with the ranking system.

Customization Options for Players

Duotrigordle allows players to customize their gaming experience. Whether choosing a preferred theme, color scheme, or sound effects, personalization adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the game.

Selecting Characters with Special Abilities and Strengths

One of the exciting features of Duotrigordle is the option to choose characters with distinctive abilities and strengths. Each character offers unique advantages that can influence gameplay and strategy.

The Map Editor for Creating and Sharing Custom Maps

For creative minds, the map editor is a delightful addition to Duotrigordle. Players can design and share their custom maps with the gaming community, adding variety and novelty to the gameplay experience.

Duotrigordle gameplay

The Ranking System for Competitive Play

Duotrigordle incorporates a ranking system that allows players to compete against others and climb the leaderboard. This competitive aspect adds a thrilling dimension to the game, motivating players to strive for higher ranks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Duotrigordle

Step 1: Starting the Game and Make the First Guess

Begin your Duotrigordle adventure by launching the game and making your initial guess. The game interface will present you with 32 boards, each waiting to be solved.

Step 2: Understanding the Color Cues and Their Meanings

As you begin guessing words, the color blocks will provide valuable clues. Remember that grey blocks indicate absent letters, yellow blocks indicate correctly guessed letters but in the wrong position, and green blocks signify perfectly placed letters.

Step 3: Scrolling Through the 32 Boards and Playing Strategically

Scroll through the 32 boards, paying attention to green and yellow letters. Strategically choose boards to focus on based on the number of green letters, as solving these boards will help eliminate certain letters for other Wordles.

Duotrigordle completing 32 boards

Step 4: Solving All the 32 Words and Posting Findings Online

The ultimate goal is to solve all 32 words across the boards. Once you achieve this feat, share your findings and success online to celebrate your accomplishment with the gaming community.


Congratulations! By completing this guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge and strategies to excel at Duotrigordle. Embrace the challenge, practice regularly, and embrace the joy of solving 32 Wordles simultaneously.

To further sharpen your word game prowess, consider exploring other Wordle spinoffs that offer additional challenges and unique twists.

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