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Fixed: Slam Not Working on CS:GO

In CS:GO, Slam works with Trusted Mode, but there is a lot of confusion about this feature since it stops working right after the “Trusted Mode” update. 

Valve has modified the mode since then, and now Slam can be played in Trusted Mode. If you want to know how to get Slam to work again, we’ll explain everything you need to know in this guide:

What to Do If Slam Does Not Work on CS:GO?

Slam is a popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mod [1] that allows users to customize their audio experience while playing. If you did everything to get it to work again but to no avail, you should go back and make sure you didn’t miss anything. 

Oftentimes, users forget to press “Start” before they launch CS:GO. You can also make sure you have the latest version of Slam installed and not an older version that doesn’t work with CS:GO anymore.


If it still doesn’t work, you can read Slam’s official FAQ. There, they answer some of the most common problems with Slam. The last thing you can do is to ask for help on Slam’s subreddit – r/SourceLiveAudioMixer/.  

You can also read about problems other people have had. You might find that someone else has already asked about your problem.

To sum up all the fixes, you should first ensure that you have the latest version installed, then check Slam’s FAQ for troubleshooting tips. You can also post your questions on Slam’s subreddit and read about other people’s experiences.

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