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Wizard101 Private Server

Have you ever wanted to try Wizard101 without having to pay for a membership? Well, now you can with a private server. 

Although free and accessible to anyone, a Wizard101 private server is is not run by KingsIsle Entertainment. This means that anyone can make changes to the game, including adding new features or removing old ones. 

You can find a list of private servers below, so pick one and jump in today!

What is Wizard101?

Wizard101 is a multiplayer, online adventure game brought to you by KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. The game is fun for all ages and is playable on a personal computer. 

Once inside, you can experience a Wizard’s journey, from learning how to control and use magic to exploring far-off places and using your magic to save others from harm. In this game, it’s all about you and your choices.


As you progress, you will enjoy lots of other activities such as dueling against other Wizards, playing challenging mini-games [1] in the Wizard City Mini Game Fairegrounds, and even using different dyes to change the colors of your clothes. 

You can also collect cards that feature different kinds of magic and wizardry creatures. Some of these cards are used in battle while others can be traded with other players. There is so much to explore and discover in Wizard101 and it’s truly a magical experience!

List of Wizard 101 Private Servers

Below is a list of all the most popular Wizard101 servers active today:

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