Wrench Wang Genshin Impact

Where is Wrench Wang of Genshin Impact?

Wrench Wang is a top-tier support character in Genshin Impact who has the unique ability to repair things. He always tries his hardest to make sure everyone and everything is in tip-top shape.

But sometimes, he needs a little help. His outward appearance belies his kind heart, which is why many players want to know where Wrench Wang is located in Genshin Impact. Luckily, we’ve got all the information you need!

Who is Wrench Wang?

An NPC named Wrench Wang may be found in the shipyard in Liyue Harbor. He may be seen strolling about the shipyard’s upper levels.

The said shipyard’s repairs are under the supervision of Wrench Wang. His true identity is unknown, and he goes by the nickname Wrench Wang among his colleagues. Both he and Siyu, his childhood girlfriend, grew up close to the ocean. 

Wrench Wang

The two frequently caused problems and received reprimands from the grownups. Siyu has always received fair treatment from Wrench Wang, who has fed her and even instructed her in math. 

Wrench Wang still treasures the handkerchief that Siyu once gave him. Siyu married the Prince Charming of her dreams, and Wrench Wang spent a short time in the navy before returning to the shipyards and eventually became known as the greatest repairman the docks had ever seen.

What is the Appearance of Wrench Wang?

Wrench Wang is a muscular man with short and ruffled hazel hair [1], and gray-green eyes, framed by thick eyebrows. He wears a dark teal shirt, with a white vest patterned with gray stripes and baby blue borders. 

His dark blue pants, held together by a black belt are loose and cut off just above his ankles, with white leggings underneath. He wears dark blue cuffs on him, lining up below his elbows. His shoes, nearly the same shade as his hair, are low with a short toe box.

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