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Where Does SML Live?

What happened to the Old SML House? That’s a question that’s been on a lot of gamers’ minds lately. 

The popular gaming forum hasn’t been active for months, and its owner has disappeared without a trace. So what happened to the Old SML House? And where is it located now?

Where is the Old SML House Located Now?

The Old SML House was known as a suburban one-story house located in Cantonment, Florida. From 2007 to 2015, this house served as the main site for recording SML videos. 

It has subsequently made sporadic cameos [1]. Before relocating to an apartment in Ferry Pass, Florida, Logan lived in two homes for a total of about ten years before moving into his third residence.

Where Does SML Live

In the SML universe, the characters had to move out of the house because of a big fire caused by Junior.  When Bowser Junior became 11 years old, the home momentarily reappeared. 

The Bowser’s House Fire flashback was displayed. In Jeffy the Pirate, the same home also resurfaced, although just in the backyard.

Who Lives in the SML Apartment?

The second residence where Logan Thirtyacre shot the SML Movies was Logan’s Apartment. With his elder brother Lance Thirtyacre and his girlfriend Chilly Jimenez, he resided there from 2015 to 2016. 

Most of the SML episodes “Bowser’s House Fire!” through “The Koopalings Part 2” were shot here. The SML characters lived here in until the Koopa Kids forced Mr. Goodman to expel them.

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