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What Server Host Does Dream Use?

As Dream continues to be popular in the gaming world, many players are asking what server host Dream uses for Minecraft.

If you’re curious about Dream, the server, or the settings he uses to play games online, our resident gamers will explain it to you in this brief guide. Read on!

Dream's Minecraft Server Hosting Provider/s

Dream plays and streams Minecraft. Actually, he’s maintaining a spot on the Minecraft Speedrunning Leaderboard.

His server hosting provider is unclear yet, but players online have talked about Dream using Shockbytes hosting to run his private server and MunchyMC for Manhunts. 

dream minecraft server

Also, he is running a multiplayer world server named DreamSMP, where he and his friends can play and explore. It is still active today, with many popular Minecraft YouTubers streaming their daily gameplay on the server.

DreamSMP Server

This private server that Dream runs contains a fully scripted series of the world’s players. You can find it all over YouTube, particularly on various gamers’ Youtube channels, such as WilburScoot, TommyInnit, and more. 

There are numerous wars and warring factions in the server series. With so many familiar personalities participating in this YouTube series, it’s something that you and every fan of Dream, Subpoena, TommyInnit, WilburSoot, Georgenotfound, and others should watch and keep up with.

(Know more about the top 5 members of all-time of the Minecraft Dream SMP next.) 

Dream SMP

Dream is also best known for two Minecraft seeds: the DreamSMP seed and the 1.14 speedrun seed. The DreamSMP server uses the seed number: 5826025064014972987 and seed number 3120588097038515178 for his 1.14.4 leaderboard run.


Since Dream is a popular gamer, he uses popular and tried-and-tested server hosting, namely, Shockbytes and MunchyMC. 

Now you know what server host Dream uses, you can choose to create your own server using the same hosting [1] or opt for alternatives. 

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