Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tier List

Vermintide 2 is an action-packed first-person co-op game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Developed by Fatshark, this sequel to the original Vermintide game takes players on a thrilling adventure as they fight their way through hordes of Skaven and Chaos forces. 

Players take on the role of one of five heroes, each with their own unique abilities and play styles, as they battle their way through the challenging levels.


A Vermintide tier list is a helpful guide that helps players determine which character is best suited for each level and situation. This tier list is based on a variety of factors such as the characters’ abilities, weapon load-outs, and overall playstyles.

Worst Tier List: D Tier


The strategy of Huntsman is focused on reliable headshots, conserving ammo, and doubling gun capacity. Waste Not, Want Not, the Huntsman’s passive ability, restores one ammo if ranged headshots are made. 

Hunter’s Prowl, his career ability, renders Kruber invisible and slows him down. This prevents the subsequent shot from using up ammunition while receiving a faster reload and additional impact.

Huntsman equipment


In order to increase her crucial probability with the Critical Mass passive, which grants her a 6% crit probability for each 6 overcharge, up to 30%, the Pyromancer’s gaming strategy centers on accumulating large overcharges. 

Her career ability, The Burning Head, sends out a fiery head that hunts down surrounding enemies.

Below Average Tier List: C Tier

The following are the characters who are not the worst but aren’t the best either.


Unchained accomplishes all Pyromancer attempts, but far more effectively. Unchained provides extremely little assistance for the group, in contrast to tank classes in Vermintide 2. She can nevertheless deliver a lot of far-off firepower if equipped with the correct ranged staff and taking command into melee battle since they continue to have very extremely high mitigation.

Outcast Engineer

In addition to having 10% higher Ranged Power for peers nearby, the outcast engineer has 50% more ammunition and can equip up to three explosives in one go. Outcast Engineer’s existing talent tree reflects their preference for employing the minigun over melee combat. This game style makes Outcast Engineer known for shooting friends on the side.

Outcast Engr reloading his launcher

Average Tier List: B Tier

Here are the characters that could’ve been one of the best, but lack some abilities.


Walksalker’s style of playing relies on the stereotypical elf ranger concept and centers upon it. While Kerillian is less than half health, Waystalker’s passive Amaranthe grants her health restoration. Her primary tool is Trueshot Volley, a career skill that unleashes a barrage of arrows that can take out almost any adversary.

Foot Knight

Markus Kruber’s tank career, The Foot Knight, provides a lot of resistance versus waves of foes but lacks the utility that other tank categories do. Protective Presence, the foot knight’s passive, reduces damage taken by 15% for everyone in Markus’ immediate vicinity. 

Markus may stun and push adversaries away with his career skill Valiant Charge, which causes him to surge ahead like a battering ram. He obtains an additional energy shield as well as a 10% damage decrease as a bonus.

Powerful Heroes: A Tier

The following are the best heroes in Vermintide 2 that makes the game fun and challenging to play.


Shade is a skilled melee carry who excels at killing enemies who are heading in the opposite direction. She obtains a 5% increase in her probability to critically strike, as well as temporary invisibility after deflecting and avoiding. All sneak attacks are crucial strikes while you’re competing as the Shade, and they all immediately kill man-sized foes.

Shade carrying her double dagger


Slayer is a melee carrier with tremendous damage who has a crazy quantity of attack speed and can rip through bosses, hordes, and armors. Dual wield and two-handed builds are both available for Slayer. He gains an additional 10% in attack speed when using one-handed weapons in both slots. 

He gains 15% more power while utilizing two hands to wield a weapon. When combined with Adrenaline Surge, which permits him to quickly replenish his Leap whilst using all of his Trophy Hunter levels, it gives Slayer an offensive speed of almost 40% whenever there are enemies to hit.


Zealot uses a playstyle that entails purposefully lowering one’s health to 20% while still gaining a lot of advantages. The character can gain damage reduction from each stack of Fiery Faith, a 20% increase in attack speed while at or below 20% health, and a decrease in the cooldown of their career skill by rampaging while under the five-second berserk buff when combined with the right talent configuration. 

The Fiery Faith perk boosts total strength, increasing both melee and ranged damage even though Zealot’s abilities are mostly geared at melee combat.

Zealot, however, doesn’t give the team any advantages, and using the character might be difficult because one must lose health for the boosts to take effect. Despite this, Zealot is still a strong hyper carry who excels in melee and ranged combat, but who can easily falter if the player neglects to properly manage their health.

Zealot aiming his bow on village

Warrior Priest of Sigmar

Shield of Faith is the trade skill of Saltzpyre. This power can be used to grant damage resistance for five seconds to either Saltzpyre or a chosen ally. If the shield finally runs out, it explodes, damaging nearby foes.

Moreover, he has a 30% power boost versus the game’s fiercest elites, Beastmen Standard Bearers, and the Chaos Warriors. He also has 100% resilience to curses and a 20% reduction in damage that is obtained to Saltzpyre. 

Moreover, 20% of the initial injury is turned over to damage, but this cannot render him dead. As a career that’s only melee, the Warrior Priest of Sigmar gives Saltzpyre two options that are melee-focused rather than one.

As a result, Saltzpyre can equip hammers to control crowds or a shield and flail to drive back hordes of adversaries while dodging their shields. He is able to heal comrades with additional Righteous Fury’s damage, thanks to his talents, and gain extra heavy attack damage. 

Moreover, he bestows upon the group permanent boosts that raise their stamina, health, or critical damage. Last but not least, Shield of Faith could be improved to resurrect allies and replenish health in an amount equivalent to all the damage taken over the preceding three seconds.

Warrior priest looking up at the sky

Sister of the Thorn

Kerillian’s fourth career in Risk of Rain 2 is Sister of the Thorn. With her passive ability, A Cluster of Radiants, she gains a free use of her career skill every 60 seconds, making her a hybrid support class with powerful damage and crowd control abilities. Thornwake is an ability that lets you build a barrier out of thorns to prevent your enemies from passing through. 

Sister of the Thorn’s abilities includes improved healing for the party, the ability to temporarily acquire health when a teammate receives it, and black venom swords, which cause melee hits to apply poison and increase damage. The DLC also comes with the Deepwood Staff and Briar Javelin.

Ranger Veteran

Ranger Veteran is a very strong character who specializes in eliminating monsters, elites, and specials. Using the Handgun or Masterwork Pistol, the Ranger Veteran excels at eliminating specials and elites while obliterating patrols and bosses.

He blends well with other ranged characters, offering extra ammunition or using abilities to drop bottles that supply potions, bombs, and potions that increase stats. Moreover, his job skill can be improved to increase the attack speed and temporary health of his teammates.

What Huntsman tries to provide to the team is also delivered by Ranger Veteran, but with a wider variety of weaponry. The lengthy cooldown for Disengage, while its tremendous value, is the one negative to playing Ranger Veteran.

Excellent Heroes: The S Tier

These heroes are not just considered powerful. But they’re one of the best.

Iron Breaker

The Iron Breaker, Bardin’s secondary career, turns the dwarf into an impenetrable tank. Gromril Armor, a passive ability for this career, deflects one blow every 20 seconds. His career talent, Impenetrable, boosts his defense and gives him the ability to repel all incoming attacks while taunting all nearby man-sized foes. He also possesses bonuses that reduce damage by 30%, give an additional stamina shield, and shorten the duration of stuns after being hit.

The Iron Breaker’s lack of offensive ability is his primary flaw unless the player is eager to give up his shield in exchange for more potent striking strength. Nonetheless, Iron Breakers have sufficient crowd management skills to complete tasks. It’s the most powerful tank on this list.


Kruber’s first career was as a mercenary, and he specializes in horde clearing with unmatched cleaving talents. Paced Strikes, a Mercenary’s passive, improves attack speed when three foes are struck in a single swing. He has a career talent called Morale Boost that gives friends 25 temporary Health and stuns foes nearby. Furthermore, Kruber’s attacks have a five percent higher chance of being critical and cleave through more foes.

The Mercenary’s primary asset is also his primary liability, which is determined by his chosen melee weapon. To capitalize on his clearing the crowd prowess, it is advisable to select a weapon that can execute broad sweeps effectively. However, certain weapons may lack the moves required to vanquish heavily-armored adversaries.

Mercenary on duel mode with enemy approaching


The Handmaiden, Kerillian’s secondary career, turns her into a stealthy tank who strengthens the defenses of her comrades. The Dance of Seasons, the Handmaiden’s passive ability, extends her dodge range by 15%. 

She shares the Footknight’s passive aura, which 100% increases stamina regeneration. Moreover, she revives comrades 50% more quickly and heals any restored teammates for 20 Health. Dash, one of her job skills, helps her go forward and get over obstacles. 

The Handmaiden may appear unimpressive at first, yet she can turn out to be a powerful opponent. In Vermintide 2, she can use a number of her class skills to increase her attack speed and power after pushing. She can cost more to block with her dodges because they can go past foes, and she can turn invisible for two seconds with her dash.

Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter, Saltzpyre’s secondary class, turns him into a proficient ranged gunslinger. Saltzpyre may use a pistol and fire a powerful shot with the help of his career ability Locked and Loaded, which allows him to penetrate through foes. He also has bonuses that give him a 50% increase in ammo capacity and faster reloads. Blessed Shots, a passive skill of this career, ensures Saltzpyre a ranged critical hit every ten seconds. 

The Bounty Hunter is a weak yet powerful ranged attacker who can take down any bosses or specials before they can harm the team. His abilities allow him to make targets more susceptible following critical hits, shorten the Blessed Shots’ cooldown, and provide 40% more damage to headshots and critical hits.

The Best Vermintide Classes

Last but definitely not least Tier List. These heroes make Vermintide worth playing. You should not miss these characters.

Witch Hunter Captain

Victor Saltzpyre’s first unlocked career, the Witch Hunter Captain, emphasizes a mix of melee and ranged powers while placing a priority on critical damage. The effectiveness of his passive abilities can be increased by arming him with a Rapier or a Billhook in addition to a Crossbow or Pistols and combining these with the level 20 talent Wild Fervor.

This Vermintide 2 class offers a 5% increased chance of a critical hit as a benefit. Moreover, headshots deal twenty-five percent more damage, and critically aimed headshots immediately dispatch opponents that are the size of men. He can deflect practically every light strike from common adversaries because he has the ability to cause zero damage in place of any light assault that would have dealt stamina damage lesser than 2.

Witch hunter captain equipment

In Vermintide 2, a strong Witch Hunter Captain build is attained by using the Brace of Pistols and Rapier, which enable the player to quickly take out any human-sized monster with crucial hits and score melee or ranged headshots. Any ally who activates his Witch Hunt passive will increase the damage the adversary takes from all sources. 

Each taggable adversary will consequently take twenty percent more damage overall while a Witch Hunter Captain is around. The Animosity talent also acts as controlling the crowd and increases the critical hit probability of his friends, allowing for the quick destruction of important enemies.

Grail Knight

Kruber becomes a holy Bretonnian knight with his fourth career, the Grail Knight. The Lady’s Duty, a passive ability of the Grail Knight, gives his companions objectives to complete that reward mission-long bonuses. 

He can use a holy sword to launch a strong attack that deals significant damage to one target thanks to his career skill, Blessed Blade. The Grail Knight must use two melee weapons at all times and is a career limited to melee combat, just like the Warrior Priest of Sigmar.

The Grail Knight’s perks level up his movement speed, give him the ability to do extra damage to his combo’s initial enemy hit, and let him use a shield to deflect Warpfire Thrower strikes. Particularly when the Bretonnian Longsword was introduced, this vocation has grown significantly.

Grail Knight making a defensive against enemy

The powerful strikes of the weapon enable you to parry and block while charging heavy blows, and its arcs let you instantly decapitate opponents wearing armor. Furthermore, his Blessed Sword can defeat any enemy—aside from bosses—in one strike, and his passive ability grants mission-long teamwide bonuses.

The Grail Knight can take out any special foe with a single strike and deliver a lot of damage to bosses. His skills let him add more battles, strengthen his melee attack, or recover health after being hurt. He has the greatest melee career because of his most important talents, which allow him to use his Blessed Blade to stab twice or cleave once.

Battle Wizard

The Battle Wizard is Sienna’s initial career, and it excels in controlling crowds, clearing hordes, and doing a huge quantity of damage. Because of the passive feature of this career known as Tranquility, Sienna is able to automatically release any overcharge she has built up if she goes six seconds without firing a spell. 

Her career ability, Fire Walk, allows her to teleport forward while leaving behind a blazing track that causes close enemies to be pushed back. Her benefits include a rise in ranged damage as well as an improvement in the speed at which she can charge spells when her overcharge is high.

In Vermintide 2, Sienna’s other careers are no match for the power of the Battle Wizard, which is Sienna’s primary source of income. Her abilities provide her a reduction in damage taken from opponents that are burned, enable her to increase the number of times that Fire Walk may be used, and increase the amount of power that her spells have when they are completely charged.

As a result of her ability to wield both the Coruscation Staff, the Bolt Staff, or Fire Sword, she is a fearsome powerhouse. The former allows her to exert unrivaled control over hordes of adversaries, while the latter allows her to eliminate particular foes. 

Her ability of Tranquility enables her to release her emotions in a natural way even when she is not performing career skills or spells and provides her with numerous applications that further increase her power.

Her impact potential is undoubtedly one of the strongest, making her the most powerful career on our Vermintide 2 tier list. Despite the fact that she does not offer her team any buffs and does not deal on-demand burst damage while charging, she has the most powerful career.


The Vermintide tier list is a great resource for players looking to decide on the best character for their playstyle. It provides a comprehensive overview of each character’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as how each one fares in terms of survivability and damage output. 

With this information in hand, players can make an educated decision on which character is best suited for the challenges ahead. Ultimately, the tier list should be used as a tool to help players optimize their gameplay [1] and reach their goals.

Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing a character is a personal preference. While higher-tiered characters may have a better damage output or survivability, players should always consider how they best enjoy playing. 

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