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Wargame: Red Dragon Server Status

Wargame: Red Dragon is a real-time strategy video game developed by Eugen Systems and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game is set during the Cold War that features a variety of nations and armed forces from the period. 

If you want to know if the game’s servers are stable and secure, our gamers will share what you need to know in this guide!

What is the Current Wargame: Red Dragon Server Status?

The current Wargame: Red Dragon server status is online. Players can currently connect to the game’s online servers and challenge opponents from all over the world. 

The game also supports cross-platform play, meaning that you can play with friends on the PC, Mac, or Linux [1] platforms. The game’s online servers are powered by GameSpy, and the game is regularly updated with patches and content. 

WarGame Red Dragon

Wargame: Red Dragon servers are usually active and players should have no trouble finding an opponent or joining a game. 

However, players should also be aware that the game’s servers are region-locked, meaning that players from certain countries are unable to join games hosted by players from other countries. This includes players from North America, Europe, and Asia.


Wargame: Red Dragon is a great online strategy game that can provide hours of fun for both casual and hardcore gamers. The game’s online servers are currently online, meaning that players from all over the world can join games and challenge each other. 

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