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Weeping Wounds in Warframe — How To Get It?

In Warframe, creating optimal builds for weapons and warframes is crucial. While players may switch out mods periodically, some, like Weeping Wounds, are incredibly potent and versatile, making them a go-to choice for almost any build. Thus, that’s what we’ll discuss in this article. 

What is Weeping Wounds in Warframe?

Weeping Wounds is a mod that can be equipped to a player’s melee weapon in Warframe. Once equipped, it provides a unique effect that boosts the weapon’s status proc chance as the player’s melee combo counter increases. 

This means that as the player lands more hits and builds up their combo counter, the mod becomes more and more powerful.

In turn, this results in some of the most potent weapons in the game, capable of dealing high amounts of damage and inflicting status effects on enemies.

One of the most significant advantages of Weeping Wounds is that its buff grows almost infinitely, making it an incredibly potent mod for players who enjoy melee combat.

Weeping wounds is an uncommon reward

The longer the player engages in melee combat, the more powerful the mod becomes, giving them an edge in battles against tougher enemies. 

Additionally, Weeping Wounds increases the status chance of the weapon without requiring the player to mix damage types or stack dual-stat mods, making it an attractive option for players who prefer a more straightforward approach to their combat strategy.

How to Get Weeping Wounds

Acquiring Weeping Wounds can be challenging due to its unique drop source. This untransmutable mod is only obtainable during the rare Acolyte event, where the Mania Acolyte has a 22.22% chance of dropping it. 

However, this event occurs infrequently, making farming for the mod [1] difficult. Alternatively, players can purchase it from others, though prices may vary significantly.

While not essential, Weeping Wounds is an excellent mod to have, as it significantly enhances the player’s ability to deal with enemies. With the mod equipped, players can melt enemies quickly and efficiently.

Where To Get Weeping Wounds

To obtain Weeping Wounds, players need to complete bounties which involve completing various objectives in stages. 

The mod is available in the uncommon reward pool, and players can access bounties by speaking with Mother in Necralisk, located in Deimos. Completing the Heart of Deimos quest is a prerequisite to accessing the bounty board. 

Players should search for level 15-25 bounties to increase their chances of obtaining Weeping Wounds. 

While obtaining the mod through bounties involves some RNG, it is a relatively straightforward process compared to other methods, such as waiting for the Acolyte event.

While obtaining Weeping Wounds may take some time and depends on RNG, it is a relatively simple process.

Contacting Necralisk

The mod’s ability to increase status change based on the player’s combo multiplier makes it an essential mod for most melee weapons, as status effects are crucial for dealing damage to enemies. 

However, players should be prepared for the unpredictability of RNG, which may result in some degree of luck being necessary to obtain the mod.


Overall, Weeping Wounds is a must-have mod that can significantly enhance a player’s Warframe experience, making it an essential addition to any player’s loadout. 

So,  if you’re a player of Warframe and curious about Weeping Wounds, use this article as your reference and guide in deciding whether to invest your time in getting this mod on your next gameplay.

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