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Warframe Shotgun Amp — How To Get It?

Warframe Shotguns are a type of primary weapon used in the game Warframe. They are powerful close-range weapons that deal a large amount of damage in a short amount of time, making them great for quickly eliminating targets. 

Shotguns also have a wide spread of pellets, allowing them to cover a large area with damage. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing gamers to find the right weapon for their playstyle. They range from smaller, one-handed weapons to larger, two-handed weapons. 

Warframe Shotguns are also customizable, with a variety of attachments and mods that can be applied to increase their damage output and accuracy. If you’re unsure how to get Warframe Shotguns, here are ways to do it:

How To Get It?

In order to acquire the shotgun amp you’ll have to complete The Silvergrove which comprises three stages: Obtaining the Nightfall Apothic Blueprint, Twilight Apothic Blueprint, and Sunrise Apothic Blueprint.

The Silver Grove

After completing The Second Dream, you will be able to begin the optional quest known as The Silver Grove. 

The quest is broken up into multiple stages, each of which requires you to understand how to handcraft a specific group of items known as Apothics.

the silver grove warframe

Obtaining the Nightfall Apothic Blueprint

It is imperative that you have a large number of Codex Scanners available throughout the totality of this quest, as the Nightfall Apothic Blueprint is the first one you will receive. 

After that, you will require Moonlight Dragonlilys, which can be acquired during the night cycle on Earth by completing Grineer Forest missions. Last but not least, Sunlight Threshcones can be acquired on Earth all through the daytime hours in particular Nodes.

Twilight Apothic Blueprint

The Twilight Apothic Blueprint is the second one you obtain after the first one. The next thing that you will need to do is acquire a resource known as Ruk’s Claw, which can be found in either Hellas or Ara on Mars. 

Last but not least, you will require some Lunar Pitchers, which can be acquired from Copernicus on Lua.

Sunrise Apothic Blueprint

The Sunrise Apothic blueprint is the last one you will receive after all the others have been completed. 

Sunrise Apothic Blueprint warframe

After completing this quest and making all of these Apothics, you can go back to whatever Grineer forest quest to restart the shrines and call these Specters once more.


The Shotgun Amp is a great addition to any Warframe, and many players find it to be a worthwhile challenge. 

However, it is an end-game item and can be difficult to obtain. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the effort and investment for your gameplay [1].

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