Best Cryotic Farming Warframe

A Guide to Cryotic Farming in Warframe

Cryotic is a valuable resource that can be used for various crafting and building purposes in Warframe, and farming it efficiently can save you a lot of time and effort. 

In this guide, we will be discussing the best ways to farm Cryotic, including which missions to run, which Warframes and weapons to use, and some helpful tips and tricks to make the process as smooth as possible. 

So whether you’re a veteran player looking to optimize your farming, or a new player just starting out, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to successfully farm Cryotic in Warframe. Let’s get started!

Best Farming Tips in Warframe

Best Cryotic Farming

Where To Farm Cryotic: The Best Locations

Hieracon, located on Pluto, is considered the best place to farm Cryotic. 

Players can choose Khora, Frost, or Garato to defend the excavators, with Khora being especially effective with Pilfering Strangledome. 


Hieracon also offers a chance to obtain Neo relics and Axi relics while farming Cryotic.  The amount of Cryotic earned depends on the number of completed excavators, and the planet and enemies will vary. 

Players may also see a display issue with doubled Cryotic amounts.

Where To Excavate in Warframe

Excavation missions for Cryotic are available on most planets, including Earth and Hieracon. These missions offer other resources and rewards, and Cryotic is an important resource for crafting and blueprinting.

warframe crpotic

Excavation Missions

Earth (Tier 1) – Everest – Grineer – 1 to 6 Cryotic

Venus (Tier 1) – Kiliken – Corpus – 3 to 8 Cryotic

Mars (Tier 1) – Augustus – Grineer – 9 to 14 Cryotic

Earth (Dark Sector, Tier 1) – Tikal – Corpus – 3 to 8 Cryotic

Europa (Tier 2) – Valefor – Corpus – 18 to 23 Cryotic

Neptune (Tier 3) – Despina – Corpus – 18 to 23 Cryotic

Europa (Dark Sector, Tier 3) – Cholistan – Corpus – 3 to 8 Cryotic

Pluto (Dark Sector, Tier 3) – Hieracon – Corpus – 3 to 8 Cryotic

Everest: Everest on Earth is the best and easiest location for Cryotic farming. You can stay for multiple rounds regardless of enemy level, as long as the excavators are running. 

This makes it a great choice for players of any level, with advanced players able to stay for endurance runs to collect large amounts of Cryotic.

Hieracon: Hieracon on Pluto is a Dark Sector Excavation mission that offers Cryotic farming. However, be prepared to face higher level infested enemies that can overwhelm players who are not well-equipped for the mission.

Tikal: This is a good alternative to Everest for Cryotic farming, as it offers a low-level infested enemy challenge. You can receive bonus Credits upon completion, and the enemies’ close-range attacks make it easier to defend with certain Warframes.

Excavation Fissures

To increase Cryotic earnings beyond excavations and rewards, players can target excavation fissures for bonuses that increase with the duration of the mission. 


However, players should choose lower level fissures to avoid scaling challenges.

Protecting The Excavator

Maximizing Cryotic earnings requires protecting the excavator during the excavation process, as its destruction results in a Cryotic reward equivalent to the percentage of completion.


Collect power cells dropped by enemies and bring them to the excavator to increase its power and allow it to complete the mining process before it runs out of power.

Successful Excavation

Once an excavator has completed its mining cycle, the amount of Cryotic it has collected is added to the player’s inventory as a resource.


The amount of Cryotic earned from an Excavation mission is not dependent on the difficulty of the mission, but rather on the completion of each cycle.


Cryotic can only be farmed through excavation missions in Warframe. As long as you keep the excavator running and ensure its survival, you are guaranteed to receive Cryotic. 

Efficient farming of Cryotic is essential for players looking to advance their gameplay [1], as it is a valuable resource required for crafting certain items.

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