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Caliban Warframe — How To Get It?

Caliban is a character in the popular online video game, Warframe. He is a formidable warrior and a unique addition to the game’s vast universe. Despite being a non-playable character, Caliban has become a popular topic of discussion among Warframe players, with many debating his abilities, backstory, and potential role in the game’s ongoing storyline. 

Some players believe that Caliban is an essential character to the game’s lore and deserves more attention from the developers, while others see him as a mere footnote in the game’s expansive universe. In this discussion, we will delve deeper into the character of Caliban and explore his significance within the Warframe community.  

Crafting Caliban: Blueprints And Parts

Caliban is a unique Warframe that requires completion of The New War quest to unlock. After completing the quest, players can obtain Caliban’s components from Narmer bounties that are available at specific times of the day in either the Plains of Eidolon or Fortuna. 

However, the available Caliban part from the Narmer bounty changes randomly whenever the time of day changes, so players will need to complete multiple Narmer bounties to obtain all of Caliban’s components. 

Additionally, all Caliban components, except the main blueprint, require Narmer Isoplast, which can be obtained by completing Narmer bounties. Therefore, players will need to complete multiple Narmer bounties to gather enough Narmer Isoplast to craft all of Caliban’s components.

CW Entrance door



The in-game Market (25,000 Credits)

Crafting Costs

25,000 Credits

x1 Caliban Neuroptics

x1 Caliban Chassis

x1 Caliban Systems

x12 Orokin Cell

Crafting Time

72 Hours



Narmer Bounties

Crafting Costs

15,000 Credits

x3 Anomaly Shard

x10 Neural Sensors

x20 Tralok Eyes

x12 Narmer Isoplast

Crafting Time

12 Hours



Narmer Bounties

Crafting Costs

15,000 Credits

x100 Hespazym Alloy

x3 Anomaly Shard

x20 Mortus Horn

x16 Narmer Isoplast

Crafting Time

12 Hours



Narmer Bounties

Crafting Costs

15,000 Credits

x30 Breath of the Eidolon

x3 Anomaly Shard

x30 Hexanon

x12 Narmer Isoplast

Crafting Time

12 Hours

CW Intro

Abilities of Caliban

Here is the complete list of Caliban’s Abilities: 


Caliban has a powerful presence in Warframe, as he can provide both himself and his allies with Adaptive Armor within Affinity Range. This passive ability reduces the damage taken from incoming sources and can stack up to 50% when hit, making Caliban and his allies more resilient in battle. 

However, if neither Caliban nor his allies are taking any damage, the Adaptive Armor will start to diminish at a rate of 2% per second. Therefore, players must remain active and engaged in combat to maintain the full benefits of this powerful ability.

Razor Gyre

Razor Gyre is a versatile ability in Warframe that offers both offensive and defensive benefits to Caliban. By spinning rapidly, Caliban can create a vortex that inflicts continuous damage to nearby enemies. Holding down the primary attack button increases the damage dealt while tapping it, causing Caliban to dash toward a selected enemy and deliver additional damage.

One of the unique aspects of Razor Gyre is that it allows Caliban to recover health based on the number of enemies damaged while the ability is active, making it a useful tool for players who want to sustain themselves in combat. 

With Razor Gyre, players can not only deal damage but also remain healthy, making it an effective choice for battles against tough opponents. By mastering this ability, players can become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

CW Razor Gyre

Razor Gyre Stats


25 Energy


4 Energy

Heal Rate



12 Meters

Slam Damage

500 Impact

Damage Increase/Second

100 Impact


500 Slash

Sentient Wrath

Caliban’s repertoire of abilities in Warframe includes Sentient Wrath, a formidable power that can be activated during Razor Gyre. With this ability, Caliban leaps and slams the ground, unleashing a radial wave of destruction that deals significant damage to nearby enemies. 

Any enemies that are not immediately defeated by this attack will be lifted into the air, taking increased damage for a brief period.

When players equip the Sentient Wrath augment, they can further enhance the power of this ability by causing affected enemies to trigger a destructive blast. This blast deals massive damage and can be devastating to groups of enemies. Combining Sentient Wrath with Razor Gyre can create a fearsome attack that can turn the tide of any battle. 

This ability is particularly useful in missions where players must confront large numbers of enemies or powerful bosses. By mastering Caliban’s abilities, players can become an unstoppable force in Warframe, one of  the best looter shooters in history. 

CW Sentient Wrath

Sentient Wrath Stats


50 Energy

Max Targets



22 Meters


10 Seconds


1000 Impact

Damage Vulnerability


Lethal Progeny

Caliban has the unique ability to summon his own Conculysts to fight alongside him with the Lethal Progeny ability. Not only do these Conculysts attack enemies on their own, but they also repair Caliban’s shields, making him more durable in battle.

Players can summon up to three Conculysts and once summoned, they will automatically engage in combat and protect Caliban from harm. The Conculysts can be a valuable addition to any battle, as they can help Caliban take on more enemies and increase his survivability.

By using Lethal Progeny strategically, players can turn the tide of even the toughest battles in Warframe. With this ability, Caliban can become a formidable force on the battlefield, able to withstand damage and eliminate enemies with ease. 

Whether players are fighting solo or with a team, Lethal Progeny is an invaluable tool for those who want to dominate the game.

CW Lethal Progeny

Lethal Progeny Stats


50 Energy


25 Seconds

Damage Multiplier


Health Multiplier






Fusion Strike

Caliban’s ability involves converging three streams of energy to create a massive blast that can damage enemies and strip their armor and shields. This ability is a valuable asset in his arsenal and can turn the tide of any battle.

Caliban’s Fusion Strike is a devastating ability that briefly anchors him to the ground, projecting three beams that converge and implode, dealing 5,000 Blast damage and stripping enemies’ defenses by 50%. 

It’s amplified by Ability Strength but has a long cast time, and enemies hit are pulled toward the epicenter. Pairing with Sentient Wrath is recommended.

Fusion Strike Stats


100 Energy


30 Meters


5000 Blast


10 Meters


15 Seconds

Debuff Amount


CW Fusion Strike

Caliban Builds

To maximize their potential, players should focus on building their Ability, Strength, and Efficiency, with Range being a useful secondary stat. 

However, even with high Efficiency, Caliban tends to have significant Energy issues, so it’s recommended to run Arcane Energize and Zenurik Focus School to address this problem.

Regarding survivability, Caliban has two options that players can choose from:

Adaptation Tanking

This method involves building up Caliban’s shields and equipping the Adaptation Mod [1], which allows him to absorb significant amounts of damage. While this approach is not as effective as shield gating, it requires less micro-management and can still provide Caliban with a decent amount of survivability.

The Adaptation Mod works by allowing Caliban to adapt to the damage types he receives, thereby reducing the amount of damage he takes from those sources. This means that over time, Caliban’s shields can become quite formidable, making him much harder to kill.

While this method may not be the most effective way to ensure Caliban’s survival, it can still be a viable option for players who prefer a less intensive playstyle or who are struggling to master shield gating. Ultimately, the choice between Adaptation Tanking and shield gating will depend on the player’s preference and playstyle.

CW Combat Mode

Shield Gating

Another way to ensure Caliban’s survivability is by utilizing Shield Gating. This method involves pairing the Brief Respite and Rolling Guard Mods to quickly build up Caliban’s shield. Additionally, equipping the Decaying Dragon Key and using his Lethal Progeny ability can make this technique even more effective.

The Brief Respite mod allows Caliban to quickly recharge his shield when he uses energy, while Rolling Guard provides him with brief invincibility when he rolls, which can be useful when taking damage. 

The Decaying Dragon Key, on the other hand, reduces Caliban’s overall health but increases his shield capacity, making it easier to trigger shield gating. Finally, Lethal Progeny generates Sentient energy, which can be used to recharge Caliban’s shields and keep him alive.

By combining these mods and abilities, players can create a potent shield-gating build that can significantly improve Caliban’s survivability in battle. This method requires a bit more micro-management than Adaptation Tanking, but it can provide better results in terms of damage mitigation.

CW Field

Forma And Subsumes

Players should choose crowd control abilities as subsumes for Caliban, as his existing crowd control abilities are either expensive or not very effective. Abilities like Ensnare, Larva, and Condemn work well with Caliban. Razor Gyre should be replaced, and Yareli’s Aquablades can be a suitable alternative.

Starter Build

This Caliban build focuses on improving his damage and fluidity without making significant alterations to his abilities. Players should primarily use his second and fourth abilities to stun and strip enemy defenses, while his third ability helps recharge shields and build up Adaptation stacks. 

A focus on Ability Strength enhances his abilities, and Range and Duration improve consistency. Using Natural Talent is recommended for faster charging of Fusion Strike and activating Sentient Wrath sooner.

Mod replacements are available, and Razor Gyre should be used for travel only, as its damage is not currently effective. If Helminth is unlocked, consider replacing Razor Gyre with CC abilities such as Harrow’s Condemn. This build can work with any Naramon polarity, and Energy Siphon is not necessary.

Forma: None

Subsumes: None

CW Laser Beam

High Investment Build

This build utilizes two crowd control abilities on Caliban, with Larva replacing Razor Gyre to group enemies together. Sentient Wrath ragdolls enemy targets, and Fusion Strike strips their armor. Lethal Progeny with Brief Respite and Rolling Guard keeps Caliban alive through shield gate resetting. 

Emphasis is on Strength, Range, and Duration, and Natural Talent makes Caliban more fluid to play. Primed Flow with Energy-generating effects mitigates the negative Efficiency, and Energy Generator Mod for Dethcube or Exodia Brave for Zaws are recommended.

Forma: 3 (Double Dash or Aura, V, -)

Subsume: Ensnare (Khora), Larva (Nidus), Condemn (Harrow)

Aquastrike Build

CW Summons

This Caliban build is less focused on endgame and more on fixing his kit by replacing Razor Gyre with Aquablades from Yareli, which deals more damage, consistently inflicts Slash procs, and is more energy efficient. Ability Strength is emphasized to increase damage output and strip 100% of an enemy’s defenses with Fusion Strike. 

Other stats are also slightly built up, and Brief Respite is triggered by frequently using abilities. Use Sentient Wrath to debuff targets, Fusion Strike to strip armor and pull enemies together, and Aquablades and weapons to finish them off.

Forma: 3 (Double Dash or Aura, V, -)

Subsume: Aquablades – Yareli

Wrapping Up

When it comes to building Caliban, players should focus on enhancing his ability, strength, efficiency, and range to make his abilities more effective and consistent. 

Overall, the important takeaways from the discussion of Caliban are that they’re a unique and powerful Warframe that can be built to excel in crowd control and damage. By focusing on their abilities, enhancing their stats, and choosing appropriate subsumes, players can maximize their potential and make them formidable forces on the battlefield.

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