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Blood Rush in Warframe — A Quick Overview

Blood Rush is a highly sought-after mod in the popular online video game Warframe, known for its ability to significantly increase critical hit damage in melee combat. It is a staple of any crit melee build, and its mechanics can greatly impact a player’s gameplay experience.

In this discussion, we will provide an overview of Blood Rush, including its effects on critical hit chance and damage, drop locations, how it works with other mods, and the best ways to obtain it in the game. 

Whether you are a new player looking to improve your melee gameplay or a seasoned veteran seeking to optimize your build, this discussion will provide valuable insights into the mechanics and benefits of Blood Rush in Warframe.

What is Blood Rush?

This mod increases crit chance by +165%, which is added on top of the existing crit multiplier of the weapon. However, the bonus only applies when there is an active combo, making it essential to maintain a combo for optimal use.

To calculate the crit chance when using Blood Rush, the formula is: Crit Chance = Modded Crit Chance × (1 + Blood Rush Multiplier × Combo Multiplier). This means that the resulting crit chance is dependent on both the modded crit chance of the weapon and the Blood Rush multiplier, as well as the combo multiplier.

Blood rush identified

Pairing Blood Rush with other crit mods like Body Count or Drifting Contact, which increase combo duration and enhance the status, can further improve the effectiveness of the mod in combat. For even greater damage output, combining Blood Rush with Maiming Strike can be devastating against any enemy.

Blood Rush Stats


Crit Chance



































Drop Chance

Blood Rush is an uncommon mod in Warframe that can be obtained through Spy Missions on Lua (12.18% drop chance) or by defeating the Torment and Acolytes Misery  (3.7% and 22.22% drop chance, respectively). 

Despite its rarity, the mod’s significant boost to critical hit chance and damage makes it a valuable addition to any crit melee build.

Drop Locations

Mission Types

The Necralisk Bounty: This is a type of bounty available in the Cambion Drift, a location in Warframe. These bounties offer rewards for completing various objectives, such as defeating enemies or collecting resources.

The Necralisk Bounties have a chance to drop several valuable mods, including Blood Rush. Players can increase their chances of obtaining Blood Rush by selecting a bounty with higher difficulty and completing all of its objectives. 

Additionally, players can increase their chances of obtaining the mod by using a Resource Booster, which doubles the drop rate of all resources and mods.

Cambion drifting with mesa

Spy: Blood Rush has a chance to drop in spy missions on the planet Lua. Players will need to complete these missions successfully, obtaining all of the required data without setting off alarms or being detected by enemies. 

Blood Rush has an uncommon drop rate in these missions, but it is one of the primary ways to obtain this mod in Warframe.

To increase their chances of obtaining Blood Rush, players can equip mods that enhance their stealth capabilities and increase their hacking speed. They can also bring a frame with abilities that aid in stealth and movement, such as Loki or Ivara. 

Players can also increase their chances of obtaining the mod by using a Resource Booster, which doubles the drop rate of all resources and mods.

Farming Blood Rush

Blood Rush can be farmed by completing Lua Spy missions, making it accessible at any time during the game. The mod is reasonably priced at around 20-30 Platinum if players prefer not to grind for it.

Completing Lua Spy missions can be a challenging and rewarding experience, with the added benefit of a chance to obtain Blood Rush. Some players may find the Lua Spy missions to be enjoyable and may obtain the mod in only a few attempts.


Is it feasible to make Blood Rush work on Atlas Landslide?

No, Blood Rush does not work with Atlas Landslide.

Is it possible to combine Blood Rush with Maiming Strike for scaling purposes?

Yes, Blood Rush helps scale with Maiming Strike.

Can Blood Rush be used with Gunblades?

Yes, Blood Rush works with Gunblades.

Does using Blood Rush complement the Venka Prime?

Yes, the Venka Prime is complimented by the use of Blood Rush.

Wrapping Up

Blood Rush is definitely worth obtaining for players who regularly use melee weapons in Warframe. Its ability to significantly increase critical hit chance and damage can greatly enhance a player’s combat effectiveness and improve their overall gameplay experience. 

While it may take some effort to obtain, the benefits of using Blood Rush in crit melee builds make it a highly sought-after mod [1] in the game.

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