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Best Vandal Skins in Valorant

Vandal Skins are one of the most popular weapon skins in Valorant, a popular online tactical first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. These skins are available for the Vandal, which is a highly versatile and powerful rifle that is favored by many players. 

These skins not only add a unique visual flair to the game but also provide players with a sense of individuality and personalization. Thus, in this article, we will be reviewing some of the best skins available for one of the favorite weapons in Valorant.

Most Recommended Skins in Vandal

Here’s a more in-depth review of every Vandal skin available.

Reaver Vandal

The Reaver Vandal Skin is a popular and highly coveted cosmetic item in Valorant, known for its dark and ominous design. The Reaver Vandal Skin features a black and violet color scheme, with intricate designs and details that give the weapon a sinister and foreboding look. The gun’s barrel and magazine are adorned with jagged lines and sharp edges, which add a level of aggression and menace to the design.

Reaver vandal skins gameplay

Araxys Vandal

The Araxys Vandal Skin features a sleek and streamlined design that is both stylish and functional. The weapon’s barrel and magazine are adorned with intricate gold details that add depth and texture to the overall design. The gun’s grip is also adorned with a series of angled lines and shapes that give the weapon a high-tech and almost alien-like appearance.

Ion Vandal

Ion Vandal is a sleek and futuristic weapon skin available in Valorant. This skin features white and silver with blue highlights, giving the weapon a high-tech and cutting-edge appearance. It features a sleek and minimalist design, with clean lines and sharp angles that give the weapon a streamlined and modern look.

RGX 11z Pro Vandal

This skin features a black and green color scheme, with intricate geometric designs and glowing green accents that give the weapon a high-tech and futuristic appearance. The Ion Vandal Skin features a clean and modern design, with sharp lines and angular shapes that give the weapon a streamlined and minimalist look.

Prime Vandal

This skin was first introduced during the game’s closed beta, and it quickly became one of the most popular skins due to its sleek and futuristic design. The Prime Vandal skin features a black and silver color scheme with glowing neon yellow accents. The design includes sharp angles and edges, giving the weapon a high-tech, almost cyberpunk feel.

Prime vandal taking an aim gameplay

Chronovoid Vandal

This skin is designed with a futuristic theme and features an intricate black and purple pattern with geometric shapes and lines. The body of the weapon is mainly black with purple accents and highlights, and the barrel has a distinctive hexagonal shape. The design of the skin appears to be inspired by high-tech gadgetry and futuristic sci-fi aesthetics.

Prelude To Chaos

This skin is flawless in terms of both its design and its entire animations, including the firing, equipping, and other such actions. You have access to the excellent starter edition, which appears in Purple, in addition to Prelude to Chaos Blue, White, and Green. 

And all of these variants give an incredible sensation on the battlefield. The exceptional base version emerges as Purple.

Glitch Pop 2.0

This one of the best Valorant skins featuring a black and neon blue-violet color scheme with circuit board patterns and glitchy effects. The Vandal’s body is covered in neon bluelines and symbols, which give it a futuristic look.


This skin is covered in bubblegum swirls. This unique appearance makes it an attractive item for many, and it has its own inherent value due to its bright colors and lively vibe.

Sensation skin gameplay


Luxe, with its serene blue color, has geometrical patterns that give some depth to an otherwise straightforward skin.


Endeavor Vandal is a preferred option for minimalists. By enhancing the worth of your stuff without being overly flamboyant, this skin makes a statement. It has blue nuts and bolts, which add a striking touch to the straightforward structure.

Winter Wunderland

It is a distinctive and memorable skin because its glass body depicts a scene from a winter morning in a community covered in snow.


This skin has broken bits, buttons, and screws used to adorn the skin, giving it a battle-scarred character. Its layout makes it the perfect option for frantic, intense Valorous games.

Wasteland skin gameplay

Titan Mail

The Titanmail style is a less expensive alternative. This Vandal skin’s coarse feel is uncommon and hardly ever appears in the daily market cycle.

Team Ace

This skin package is plain and understated, yet it nevertheless stands out. Each skin has an agent design, with both the Vandals sporting Reyna’s picture. All Reyna users really must own the purple-gray Vandal, despite the fact that it lacks extravagant art or special features.


The big attraction of this skin is the midnight image of an evening on the lake trapped inside Silvanus Vandal’s frame. The little houses’ golden lighting creates a serene, beautiful atmosphere.


Simple and pleasing to the eye is Sakura’s adorable pink and white Pattern. It lacks the massive sculptures and patterns that some people could find obtrusive and ugly.

Sakura skin gameplay

Nunca Olvidados

Among the extremely rare Premium tier skins to sell out right away upon going on sale was Nunca Olvidados. Very likely since it’s lore-heavy and includes Reyna’s historical roots and a glimpse into her past. The colorful package also included a variation that changes the scenery as you travel.


It features candy clouds, which are ideal for enhancing your inventory’s hue without breaking the bank. It is a pretty skin regardless of additional effects and is fairly priced. During tense-rated games, the tranquil views could aid to reduce anxiety.


Vandal’s crystalline physique would undoubtedly leave you feeling chilly. The simple but attractive weaponry has an ice motif. The skin glows in the sunlight, highlighting each and every detail of the Vandal’s carving. Despite the lack of animations or additional graphics, it nevertheless does well in sales.


The royal designs on the black and gold skin give it the appearance of being a luxury skin from a luxury origin. Aristocrat is a great deal for those who want to cut costs thanks to its low Premium price tag.

Aristocrat skin vandal gameplay


One of the simpler and much less eye-catching designs is Valorant GO! Vol. 2. Users nonetheless easily purchase this skin from the shop because it has agent artwork on it. The Vandal with a Phoenix motif lacks any annoying movements, but it undoubtedly looks mean in a duelist’s grasp.

Tethered Realms

This Vandal’s crystalline frame encompasses a picturesque scene of destroyed buildings that varies with the surroundings. Despite not being the most well-liked Vandal skin, it does have its followers. Tethered Realms lacks any motions or special features.


This skin remains to be Valorant’s top rifle skin. If it’s fired, the elegant, silver and gold gun makes a soft electric sound effect. A lot of users like a light vibe in their skins, and that is what this skin holds.


Although having dreary and darkish color palettes, the cylindrical Origin skins were a hit thanks to their distinctive movements. The Origin Vandal features golden plates inserted in the middle that, upon observation, separate and spin. The black gun’s memorable sound effect keeps it at the top of the rankings.

Origin skin did a headshot gameplay


This skin features tiny fish swimming inside an aquarium. It has a calming and colorful aquarium built into the weapon’s body. However, players need to unlock levels to access this premium feature.

Gaia’s Vengeance

This distinct weapon also comes with an eye-catching finisher that plants a giant tree on the map. Gaia’s Vengeance is a unique skin in Valorant with tree branches wrapped around a salmon crystal, setting it apart from other designs.


The skin incorporates swirls from Reaver and a regal touch from Sovereign, resulting in a distinct appearance. Forsaken is a creative blend of the Reaver and Sovereign collections.


The geometrical pattern on this skin brings it to life and adds a premium touch to the otherwise simple Vandal.

Ego skin vandal gameplay

Sentinels of Light

The crystal-bodied Vandal, released as a competitor to the Ruination bundle representing the darker side, was a nod to the Sentinels of Light event in LoL. Despite this, it remains a fan favorite with its variants, custom VFX, and finisher.

Champions Vandal 2021

The ultimate holy grail in Valorant is the most special Vandal known as Champions 2021 due to its rarity. To commemorate the VCT event that crowned the first-ever Valorant world champions in 2021, Riot introduced a limited edition bundle featuring a knife and Vandal.


Choosing the best Vandal skin in Valorant is a matter of personal preference, but there are a few key factors that players can consider to make an informed decision. 

Firstly, players should consider the design of the skin [1] and whether it matches their personal style and preferences. They may also want to consider the rarity and exclusivity of the skin, as some skins may be more valuable and sought-after than others.

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