Valorant Stinger — A Weapon Guide

One of the most talked-about features of Valorant is the weapon known as the Stinger. This versatile SMG is a favorite among players who move quickly and strike from unexpected angles. Here, we will explore the Stinger in more detail. 

Overview of Stinger

The Stinger is a submachine gun (SMG) in Valorant that is often used by players who want a fast-firing weapon with decent accuracy and mobility. Its damage stats can vary depending on the range and whether or not the shots hit the enemy’s head.

Stinger Damage Stats, Tier, Fire Rate

The Stinger in Valorant has an extremely fast fire rate of 16 rounds per second, which is the highest of any weapon in the game. However, its small magazine size of only 20 bullets means that players must use it strategically and avoid wasting shots. Here’s a table of the weapon’s specific details:

Valorant - Stinger Aristocrat
WeaponStinger SMG
Damage (Body)23 – 27 – 67
Damage (Head)62 – 25 –  67
Fire Rate (Primary)18
Fire Rate (Alternative)4
Magazine Size20

Stinger Spray Pattern

The Stinger’s spray pattern in Valorant is known for being difficult to control, especially after the first five bullets. The gun sprays up and swings left to right, reducing accuracy beyond the first few shots. To use the Stinger effectively, players should engage enemies at close range, where the spray pattern is less of an issue. 

Stinger Recoil

This weapon has a significant amount of recoil that can make it challenging to use effectively. To control the recoil, players can use burst firing and practice recoil control, and aim in the game’s training mode or practice matches.

How To Use The Stinger

Valorant - Stinger Couture

Run In And Hold Left Click Technique

Due to the weapon’s high rate of fire and effectiveness at close range, players should take pre-aim, pre-fire, and short-ranged angles around corners to quickly take out any enemies holding close.

Skins to Use on the Stinger

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Wrapping Up

Deciding whether or not to use the Stinger ultimately depends on the player’s playstyle and the situation at hand. With proper technique and practice, the Stinger can be a deadly weapon in the right hands.

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