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Valorant Shorty — Weapon Guide

One of the most important aspects of Valorant is choosing the right weapon to use in different situations. The Shorty is one of the weapons available in Valorant that can be a game-changer in the right hands. 

Thus, we will be discussing this weapon in detail, including its strengths, weaknesses, and best usage scenarios. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this guide will help you better understand the shorty and how to use it effectively in your matches. So, let’s dive in and explore the Shorty in Valorant.

Weapon Details And Stats

Shorty is a pistol that functions like a shotgun with a magazine capacity of two rounds  before needing to reload. While relatively low, its fire rate is quite fast at 3.3 rounds per second, allowing for quick and successive shots at close range. 

Here are the Shorty’s stats:

VAL Shorty 1

Unfortunately, the Shorty’s wall penetration is low, meaning it will not be able to shoot through walls effectively. Its reload speed is 1.75 seconds, which can feel like an eternity in the heat of battle. 

Therefore, it is crucial to use the Shorty wisely and make every shot count, as reloading at the wrong time can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks.


While the Shorty has its limitations, it still has the potential to be a deadly weapon, especially up close. At point-blank range, the Shorty can deal incredible damage, capable of taking down fully shielded enemies in a single shot. 

Each bullet fired from the Shorty releases 15 pellets, which can be devastating to anyone in their path. However, the damage inflicted by the Shorty decreases significantly as the distance between the shooter and the target increases. 

0m-7m: Head 24 – Body 12 – Leg 10

7m-15m: Head 16 – Body 8 – Leg 6

15m-50m: Head 6 – Body 3 – Leg 2

VAL Shorty 2


The Shorty’s affordability is arguably its most significant advantage. In Valorant’s patch 3.00, its price was reduced even further, from 200 credits to a mere 150 credits, making it the most inexpensive weapon in the game.

Movement And Weapon Spread Accuracy

As a shotgun, the Shorty’s spread is wider than most other weapons, but this is a necessary trade-off for its close-range lethality. To get the most out of the Shorty, it’s important to stay within its effective range and avoid using it for medium to long-range engagements where the spread becomes even more pronounced. 

Despite its spread, the Shorty is relatively accurate while moving, thanks to the mechanics of Valorant. However, it’s essential to avoid jumping and running simultaneously while using the Shorty, as this can cause its accuracy to plummet.

Two Tap Technique

To get the most out of the Shorty, it’s recommended to aim for one-tap kills and quickly swing to secure the kill. If you end up overkilling your target, don’t worry too much about it, as getting a kill with the 150-credit shotgun is still worth it. 

VAl Shorty 3

Wrapping Up

The Shorty is an affordable and deadly option that can be a game-changer when used correctly in the right situations. While it falls under the sidearm category, it’s not your typical pistol. 

To make the most of this weapon, it’s crucial to pair it with agents that have high mobility or play defensively by waiting around corners to maximize the Shorty’s strengths and capitalize on its lethality in close-quarters combat.

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