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Valorant Phantom Skins Review — A Complete List

There are several excellent choices available if you’re a fan of Valorant and want to add a Phantom skin to your collection. This guide will help you choose the best Phantom skin for your playstyle, whether you’re looking for a specific skin or just want to see what’s out there.

To help you find the best Phantom skin for your collection, we’ll list every skin, bundle, and pricing that’s currently on sale in Valorant. Relax and take your time browsing the many Phantom skins available in Valorant.

Here’s A Complete List of Phantom Skins In Valorant

All Exclusive Phantom Skins

Let’s begin with all the exclusive Phantom Skins in Valorant. The Exclusive Tier in Valorant features five different Phantom skins, and is the second-highest tier in the game, with some of the most expensive bundles. Here are the following:

Ruination: 2,175 VP

League of Legends fans loved the Phantom’s Ruination skin. Riot Games’ Sentinels of Light event commemorated Viego’s return to Runeterra with this skin. Ruination Phantom is darker than Sentinels of Light. Red, purple, and green skins have unique sound effects that improve shooting.

Phantom ruination skin gameplay

Singularity: 2,175 VP

Singularity skins are dark-themed electric Phantom skins that cost 2,175 VP each. Red, purple, and blue skins have a lit pipe through the metal body and an electric circuit around it.

Spectrum: 2,675 VP

Riot and DJ Zedd’s Spectrum bundle is Valorant’s most popular and pricey. It was Riot’s first artist collaboration, and the bundle’s Phantom skin was a hit. Zedd’s custom sound effects make the Spectrum bundle’s Phantom skin popular. The skin’s kaleidoscopic kill animation adds value.

BlastX: 2,175 VP

Valorant’s BlastX bundle includes brightly packaged pink prop pistols. This bundle’s green and pink Phantom weapon shoots visible pallets to help aim.

Glitchpop: 2,175 VP

The skins have a cyberpunk-inspired style that incorporates neon hues and illuminating elements to give them an appearance that is both cutting-edge and futuristic.

Phantom glitchpop gameplay

All Premium Phantom Skins

In Valorant, there are nine distinct Phantom skins available to purchase in the premium category. These skins are extremely popular among players. 

These skins are perfect for players who place a high priority on having superb sound effects but prefer animations that take a more understated approach. The price of a premium skin is normally set at 1,775 VP and provides a reasonable compromise between the skin’s esthetic appeal and its accessibility.

Oni: 1,775 VP

The Japanese-themed skins include an Oni mask mounted to the guns, providing a ferocious aspect to the usually modest Phantom. Oni’s delicate sound aspects are the ultimate favorite among spray lovers of the game. When enhanced, the mask generates a colorful smoke, which looks pretty spectacular in notable actions.

Valorant Go! Vol 1: 1,775 VP

It features a Reyna-themed cartoony and colorful design, with bright colors and bold patterns.

Radiant Crisis 001: 1,775 VP

It is a futuristic and sci-fi-themed design, with sleek and angular lines, and a metallic finish that gives the weapons a high-tech appearance.

Spline: 1,775VP

The Spline Phantom is an artistic, imaginative, and somber weapon skin that is relatively rare among Valorant players, possibly due to its lack of a complex backstory or unique theme. The skin features a wiry design with stunning gradient hues.

Phantom spline gameplay

Prime 2.0: 1,775 VP

The thrill of defeating adversaries is amplified by the gold and silver weapon from the Prime 2.0 skin collection, thanks to its sleek look and slight electrical noise animation. Players who value mobility in combat often choose this weapon for its relatively low weight.

Recon: 1,775VP

The Recon skin collection features a tactical and stealthy design, with muted colors and camouflage patterns that give the weapons a covert appearance.

Nebula: 1,775 VP

Dark blue and purple tones, as well as wavy nebula patterns, are included in the design of the Nebula skin collection, which has a space and cosmos-inspired motif.

Celestial: 1,775 VP

The Celestial Phantom skin in Valorant takes its design cues from otherworldly artifacts and materials, as suggested by the game’s name. The skin has a muted background with a golden color scheme and moving meteors that are set against the backdrop. 

Nonetheless, considering that it has a one-of-a-kind appearance, the Celestial Phantom is believed to be rare in the game because it only comes in a limited number of versions and animations. As a result, there is less of a desire for it among gamers.

Prepping shots with my celestial phantom

Ion: 1,775 VP

The guns have a high-tech and futuristic design, with sleek lines and striking colors, giving them a look that is reminiscent of science fiction.

Reaver 2.0: 1,775 VP

The Reaver is a perfect match for the Phantom’s dark aesthetic. It has great color variants, a satisfying headshot sound, powerful reload animation, and a killer finisher move that sends players straight to hell.


The Deluxe skins in Valorant are differentiated from other skins by their straightforward design, which has few or no animations or sound effects. These skins have an average price of 1,275 VP per skin and often feature a see-through exterior that displays a subtly animated scenic picture on the interior of the glass. 

Players continue to enjoy using deluxe skins because of their modest and sophisticated appearance, although these skins do not have particularly elaborate designs.

Minima: 1,275 VP

The Minima Phantom skin is a well-liked option among players who value a matte black appearance that is uncluttered and uncomplicated, although it does not have any sophisticated motifs. This skin does not have any special animations or sound effects, which may be seen as a positive by those players who prefer to have as few distractions as possible while they are playing.

Headshot with my minima gameplay

Avalanche: 1, 275 VP

As opposed to other skins, the Avalanche Phantom does not have a kill finisher or a sound component. As a result, it is a sensible option for players competing in high-stakes games that emphasize minimalism rather than gimmicky effects. 

The Avalanche Phantom skin in Valorant takes its design cues from crystals and ice, featuring a solid exterior that, from a range, gives the impression of being made of glass. The skin is made of an opulent crystal material in various colors of blue, which lends an air of refined sophistication to the otherwise reasonably priced rifle.

Silvanus: 1,275 VP

The Silvanus skin, designed by Riot Games, brings back the see-through aesthetic with its stunning blue tones. The Phantom rifle has a glassy finish, and the interior features a beautiful blue landscape. There is some animation in the background, but no audio effects in the skin.

Winterwunderland: 1, 275 VP

As a part of the 2021 Christmas Collection, the skin includes a glass-like style that was still relatively new in Valorant at the time, and players loved the holiday-themed cosmetics.

Prism: 1,275 VP

Those that are looking for straightforward skin with a unique color palette frequently choose the Prism option. This gradient skin is distinguished from other skins in the Deluxe category by its one-of-a-kind purple illumination effect.

Sleek prism phantom skin gameplay

Snowfall: 1,275 VP

It features a wintery and icy design, with shades of blue and white that evoke the feeling of a cold winter day.

All Select Phantom Skins

The Select tier is the most affordable skin tier in Valorant, with skins in the blue circle category that are relatively cheap and straightforward in design. 

While these skins may not be as flashy or impressive as higher-tier skins, they add a pop of color to a player’s inventory and are often purchased to complete collections for less-used weapons. In the Select tier, Phantom skins cost 875 VP, and there are currently three skins available.

Smite: 875 VP

The Smite Phantom is a popular choice among players who want to add a touch of sophistication to their weapon collection without breaking the bank. The skin may not have any unique animations or sound effects, but its impressive visual appeal is enough to make it a desirable addition to any player’s arsenal. It is a standout skin in the low Select category in Valorant. 

Despite its affordable price, this weapon skin boasts a unique thunderstorm pattern that gives it a more expensive appearance. The dark and light blue color gradient further enhances the skin’s overall aesthetic, adding a stylish touch to the otherwise simple design.

Galleria: 875 VP

Phantom galleria gameplay

Players who prefer a clean and straightforward aesthetic are drawn to the Galleria skin collection.  It features visually pleasing and minimal designs, characterized by a brick red background with a white bunny hopping on it. 

The skin collection does not have a glass body or any animations, but it stands out due to its unique color palette and the cute bunny design that adds a playful touch to the otherwise simple set.

Rush: 875 VP

The Rush Phantom skin in Valorant is an excellent choice for players who prefer a more understated design without heavy imprints or extravagant animations. This skin features a unique geometric pattern painted in red and white colors, adding a pop of color to an otherwise dull inventory at an affordable price.

Wrapping Up

When selecting a Phantom skin in Valorant, players should consider various factors that influence their preferences and playstyle. The first aspect to consider is the skin tier. 

Each tier offers different designs, animations, and sound effects, so players should choose a skin that matches their budget and aesthetic preferences. Ultimately, the best way to choose a Phantom skin is to take the time to evaluate each option’s features and consider how they match your personal preferences and playstyle. 

By selecting a skin that is both functional and visually appealing, players can enhance their gameplay [1] experience and make their weapons stand out in Valorant.

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