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Valorant Operator — A Complete Guide

Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your sniping skills or an experienced player wanting to fine-tune your strategies, it’s essential for you to know how to properly maneuver the Operator.  

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Operator in Valorant, including its strengths and weaknesses, best uses, and tips for effective gameplay.

What is The Operator?

The Operator is one of the most powerful and highly coveted weapons in Valorant. Mastering this weapon can greatly improve players’ chances of victory. It is one of two sniper rifles available in the game, with the other being the Marshal. 

Due to its high price tag and skill requirement, the Operator is often reserved for more experienced players who are confident in their sniping abilities.

The operator gameplay

As a sniper rifle, the Operator excels at long-range engagements and can deal massive damage with a single shot making it a highly coveted weapon that can easily influence the outcome of a round. 

It has a slow rate of fire and movement speed, but in the hands of a skilled player, the Operator can be a devastating tool for taking down enemies at long range.

Wardell’s Valorant Guide: Five Key Takeaways

Matthew “Wardell” Yu, a renowned Twitch [1] streamer and skilled Operator user in Valorant, has leveraged his experience in CS:GO to become an expert in using the one-shot sniper rifle.  

Thus, drawing from his knowledge and experience, Wardell has created a user-friendly beginner’s guide for players who aspire to become proficient with the Operator, just like him. 

In his guide, he outlines five fundamental skills that players should focus on to improve their Operator gameplay.

Angles: Wardell stresses the importance of mastering angles when using the Operator in the game. This involves finding and utilizing the best positions for the Operator, understanding the map, and positioning yourself to maximize your field of view and minimize risk.

Economy Guide: Wardell suggests buying a Ghost and smokes in the pistol round and winning the second round to afford an Operator in the third. Winning the pistol round allows purchasing light shields, Valorant’s Marshall, and abilities while saving for the Operator. 

It’s better to save credits for the next round rather than buying a Sheriff or Valorant’s Bucky shotgun. Full utility and heavy shields are essential when using the Operator for maximum potential and self-protection. 

Effective economic management and strategic buying are critical for successful use of the Operator.

Crosshair of the Op

Flicks: Flick shots are a key skill for using the Operator, as it allows you to quickly acquire targets and take them down with a single shot. The importance of mouse settings and flicks for improving your aim and accuracy when using the sniper rifle.

Crosshair Placement: Good crosshair placement involves positioning your crosshair in a way that allows you to quickly and accurately shoot at enemies as soon as they appear. 

It is important to anticipate where enemies will be based on their movement and behavior, and position your crosshair accordingly.

Easy Shots: Easy shots include setting oneself to kill unsuspecting or stationary foes. This can involve holding angles and waiting for foes to walk into your circle crosshair or using blind spots and choke points to surprise enemies.

Aiming for a headshot with my enemy

It’s also a must to distinguish between a jiggle peek and a wide swing when facing an opponent.

Is Operator An Ideal Weapon in Valorant?

The Operator can be an ideal weapon in Valorant for those who are skilled and experienced with sniping, but it may not be suitable for every player or every situation. 

It is important to consider your playstyle, skill level, and the current game situation before deciding whether or not to use the Operator.

Operator: Damage Stats

Refer to the charts presented below: 

Magazine Capacity


Wall Penetration


Fire rate

0.75 Rounds – Sec



Damage at 0-30m

Damage at 30-50m










Spray Pattern

The Operator always has one shot and scoping provides accuracy, but no-scoping is possible. Zoom in while holding a position and use no-scopes if enemies rush. It’s better to try and miss than not try at all.

Operator Tactics: How To Use The Operator

If you want to use the Operator efficiently, you need to control risk and stay away from re-peeking until it’s really essential. 

In addition, successful teamwork and communication skills are essential. Maintain your mobility to keep your opponents guessing and to maximize the impact of the weapon across the entire playing field.

The Best Agent To Use Operator

Jett is considered one of the best Agents to use the Operator in the game. It has excellent mobility, allowing quick change positions and reposition after taking a shot, making it difficult for opponents to predict its location.

Choose the right agent to op

If you’re looking to confuse your opponents or get away quickly if you get caught off guard, Jett is a great pick thanks to her dash and updraft abilities. 

Also, if you need to set up a defensive area that balances the hazards of holding an angle with denying space to keep adversaries at bay, other Agents like Omen and Killjoy are better suited to do so.


Valorant’s Operator’s value varies on playstyle and preferences. Effective risk management, communication, and a mobile, aggressive playstyle are needed. 

Snipers may find the weapon worth buying. It may not work for conservatives. Practice and experimentation will reveal the Operator’s suitability.  

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