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Valorant Odin — How To Use This Weapon

This is a guide for Valorant players who want to improve their skills with the Odin light machine gun. The Odin is a powerful weapon in the game that can cause significant damage to opponents, but it comes with a high price tag. 

To use it effectively, players need to understand its features, including cost, damage, and recoil management. The guide offers tips on how to use it effectively, and to know more about the weapon itself. 

By mastering the Odin, players can gain an advantage in matches and help their team achieve victory. So, if you’re an Odin fan or planning to master this weapon, continue reading to know more.

Weapon Guide

With a fire rate of 15.6 rounds per second, the Odin is a formidable weapon that can quickly eliminate enemies in this game, second only to the Valorant’s Stinger at 16 rounds per second. Additionally, it has high damage similar to a rifle, and a close-range headshot can almost kill an unarmored enemy. 

The weapon’s rapid-fire capability also allows players to quickly land double headshots. While Odin’s damage falloff at range is not significant, it can be challenging to control due to its nature as a heavy machine gun.

Readying my Odin when i spotted enemies

Here’s a breakdown of its weapon stats: 

The Odin Damage

In terms of damage, the Odin deals a high amount of damage to the head, body, and legs per bullet, making it deadly when used accurately. It also has a high penetration power, which means that its bullets can go through walls and obstacles to hit enemies. 

This can be especially useful for catching enemies off guard or for shooting through walls to deal damage to them. For specific details, refer to the table below.


Damage Within 0-30 Meter Range

Damage Within 30-50 Meter Range










The Odin Recoil

The Odin has a high recoil, which can make it difficult to control and accurately hit targets, especially when firing for an extended period of time. The recoil pattern of the Odin is predominantly vertical, which means that the gun kicks upwards as it fires.

LMGs, including the Odin, can be used in both hipfire and ADS modes. However, they also have a unique feature where the vertical and horizontal recoil of the weapon is reduced when firing while crouched. This reduction in recoil can be combined with the ADS mode, resulting in a significantly more precise shot with the Odin.

How Much Does it Cost?

It has a price of 3200 credits in the in-game economy. This makes it one of the most expensive weapons in the game, alongside other high-powered weapons like the Valorant’s Operator sniper rifle and the Vandal assault rifle. 

Because of its high cost, players typically only purchase the Odin in specific situations or when they have a particular role to play in the team, such as holding down a specific area of the map or suppressing enemy movement. 

In general, it’s more common for players to opt for more affordable weapons like the Spectre submachine gun or the Phantom assault rifle, which offer a good balance of cost and effectiveness in most situations.

Spray Through Walls

While the Odin can be a powerful weapon in its own right, it can also be used in combination with certain agent abilities to create powerful strategies. One such strategy involves using the Odin to spray through walls and barriers while utilizing agent abilities that provide recon information on enemy positions.

Defend Massive Choke Points

When using the Odin to defend a chokepoint, it’s important to position yourself behind cover that allows you to see and fire at enemies while minimizing your exposure to their gunfire. This can include using corners, walls, or other objects as cover, while still maintaining a line of sight on the chokepoint.


Ultimately, the decision to use the Odin should be based on your own preferences, gameplay [1], and the situation on the map. It’s important to experiment with different weapons and find the ones that work best for you and your team.

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