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Valorant’s Live Player Count

Riot Games developed and published Valorant, a first-person shooter game that is free to play and can be played with multiple players simultaneously. The game has gained immense popularity since its release in June 2020 and has attracted millions of players worldwide.

The game’s success can be attributed to its fast-paced gameplay, unique characters with varying abilities, and its competitive gameplay. As a result, many gamers have been curious about the current live player count of Valorant.

About Valorant

The gameplay of Valorant involves two teams of five players, attacking and defending in rounds, with the objective of either planting or defusing a bomb. 

Each player assumes the role of a character, known as an “Agent,” each with a unique set of abilities and ultimate abilities that can be used to aid the team in completing the objective. 

The game’s fast-paced and strategic gameplay has made it a popular choice for players looking for a competitive first-person shooter experience.


There are 12 known characters in Valorant: Brimstone, Viper, Jett, Cypher, Sage, Raze, Sova, Killjoy, Phoenix, Breach, Omen, and Reyna.

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Quick Stats

Active Players 23,180,242
Online Players 574,807
Peak Viewers 1,196,352
Twitch Stream Watched Hours 105,615,499

Top Countries Playing Valorant

This table will explore the top five countries playing Valorant based on available data. It’s important to note that player demographics can shift over time, and these percentages are subject to change. 

However, analyzing the current trends can provide insights into the game’s global appeal and potential future growth.

RankCountryPercentage of Players
1United States23.53%

Valorant Live Player Count - Monthly

The live monthly statistics summarize the monthly active players and peak player count for Valorant. The data has been collected and organized into a chart to facilitate the user’s comprehension of the game’s performance. 

Monthly active players are the total number of players who have played Valorant in a given month. In contrast, peak player count indicates the highest number of players simultaneously playing the game. 

Valorant Live Player Count - Monthly

This information provides valuable insights into the game’s popularity and engagement levels among players.

Valorant Live Players Every Month

Here’s a table showing estimated monthly users for Valorant, including the maximum number of users, gain/loss of users, percentage of gain/loss, and the maximum number of peak players on a given day:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/Loss %Active Players Daily (Last 30 Days)
Last 30 Days23,180,242476,7732%1,545,349
March 30, 202322,703,469553,7432%1,513,565
February 28, 202322,149,726-1,165,775-5%1,476,648
January 30, 202323,315,501301,0141%1,554,367
December 30, 202223,014,487873,6984%2,301,449
November 30, 202222,140,789-360,656-2%2,214,079
October 30, 202222,501,445513,4052%2,250,145
September 30, 202221,988,040627,7563%2,198,804
August 30, 202221,360,284600,0243%2,064,827
July 30, 202220,760,260498,1052%2,006,825
June 30, 202220,262,155-358,429-2%1,958,675
May 30, 202220,620,584108,9971%1,993,323
April 30, 202220,511,587245,7941%1,982,787
March 30, 202220,265,793222,0291%1,959,027
February 20, 202220,043,764510,2993%1,937,564
January 30, 202219,533,465507,7613%1,888,235
December 30, 202119,025,704759,5804%1,839,151
November 30, 202118,266,124-342,890-2%1,765,725

October 30, 2021

September 30, 202119,176,158596,0293%1,853,695
August 30, 202118,580,129-1,331,162-7%1,796,079
July 30, 202119,911,291552,1723%1,924,758
June 30, 202119,359,119138,6381%1,871,382
May 30, 202119,220,481414,2212%1,857,980
April 30, 202118,806,260270,5121%1,817,938

Supported Platforms of Valorant

Nintendo SwitchNO
Valorant gameplay

Daily Players During Beta

During its beta stage in May 2020, Valorant had over 3 million daily players. However, when the game was officially released, the player count dropped to around 1.5 million daily players.


Is Valorant Currently Unavailable?

You can check the official Valorant Twitter account or the Valorant website for the latest server [1] status and maintenance information. 

Is Valorant Available on Steam?

No, Valorant is not available on Steam.  Valorant is available for download on its official website and is not currently offered on any other platform or game distribution service, including Steam.

Is Valorant No Longer Thriving?

No, Valorant is not dead. It has an active and growing player base, with regular updates and new content released by Riot Games. 

What is the number of daily Valorant players?

Valorant has an estimated daily player count of around 700,000, with a concurrent player count ranging from 300,000 to 500,000.

Wrapping Up

Valorant may be worth playing if you enjoy first-person shooter games. It strongly emphasizes strategic gameplay, team coordination, and unique character abilities, which sets it apart from other games in the genre. 

Additionally, the game has a growing competitive scene, with regular tournaments and leagues for players to participate in.

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