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How To Say You’ll Need Healing in Valorant

Valorant  is a team-based game where players must work together to defeat the enemy team. One of the key aspects of playing as a team is communication, which can be crucial to achieving victory. In Valorant, players can communicate using voice or text chat, and it is important to know the right terminology to convey the necessary information effectively. 

One phrase often used in the game is “need healing,” which is used when a player requires healing from a teammate. Here, we will explore how to say such a phrase in the game and why it is important to communicate effectively in the game.

Is It Possible To Get A Heal in Valorant?

Asking for healing through voice chat is an effective way to communicate with your teammates in Valorant. It allows you to quickly convey your request and receive a response in real-time, which can be crucial in fast-paced gameplay. This is especially important when you are in a dangerous situation and need healing urgently.

Broadcast need healing

To use voice chat in Valorant, you must ensure that your microphone is properly set up and that you are at a party with your teammates. Once ready to ask for healing, you can simply say, “I need healing,” or “Can someone heal me?”.

It is worth noting that voice chat can sometimes be unreliable or difficult to use, particularly if you are playing with teammates who are not fluent in the same language or have poor microphone quality. In such cases, it may be better to use the in-game chat instead.

Players must aim their crosshairs at a damaged ally and fire to activate the healing ability as Sage. This will activate a heal-over-time spell, gradually restoring the ally’s health. Alternatively, if Sage herself is damaged, players can use the alt-fire button to activate a self-heal over time.

In addition, purchasing a healing handpiece can be useful for players looking to maximize their healing potential. This item allows players to hold fire to channel healing to allies within range and line of sight, making it easier to heal multiple teammates simultaneously.

Sage — An Important Character For Healing

Sage is considered one of the most essential characters in Valorant due to her healing abilities, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

Keeping your teammates alive is critical in Valorant, where there is no respawning until a round is finished. This is where Sage’s healing abilities come in handy. She is the only character in the game capable of healing other players, which makes her an essential member of any team. Her ability to restore the health of her teammates over time can be the difference between winning and losing a round.

Is It Possible To Acquire A Heal Sage?

Sage can indeed heal an allied agent damaged by casting her healing ability, but the method of selecting the target slightly differs from what was described.

To select an ally to heal with her Primary Fire, Sage must aim her crosshair at the ally in question and press her Primary Fire button. This will activate her healing ability and begin healing the selected ally.

To use her Alt Fire, Sage can hold down her Alt Fire button to enter a targeting mode. In this mode, she can aim at a damaged ally and release the Alt Fire button to activate the healing ability and begin healing the selected ally.

Sage is an excellent choice for healing allies spread across the battlefield due to her two AoE (Area of Effect) healing abilities. These abilities are “Healing Orb” and “Resurrection”. “Healing Orb” creates a healing area that can restore the health of multiple allies at once, while “Resurrection” can revive a fallen teammate back to life.

Sage As The Team’s Healer

Sage can indeed heal multiple players simultaneously during the same round, but healing a Duelist and killing them does not result in an assist for Sage. The player who dealt the damage to the Duelist would receive the assist if a teammate later eliminated them.

Players must use her primary ability to heal with Sage, “Heal.” This ability allows Sage to heal a single teammate over time by shooting at them with her crosshairs. The heal-over-time effect will continue until the ally reaches full health or the ability expires.

Sage can also use her Alt Fire button to activate her self-healing ability, which restores her own health over time. This ability can be useful for keeping Sage alive during intense firefights or when she is separated from her team.

Is Sage Invaluable in One’s Team?

Sage’s ability to heal is an important aspect of her kit that can help her team to stay alive and secure victory in matches. However, the limited duration and cooldown of her healing abilities mean she must use them strategically to maximize their effectiveness.

Valorant Agents With Healing Abilities

Skye is a valuable support agent in Valorant due to her ability to heal multiple teammates at once with her “Regrowth” ability, which allows her to toss out a healing pool that can restore a significant amount of health to up to five players. 

While Phoenix, Reyna, and Sage can self-heal, only Sage has an AoE healing ability to heal multiple teammates simultaneously with “Healing Orb.” Phoenix’s self-heal ability can also heal nearby teammates, but it is not as effective as Sage’s or Skye’s healing abilities.

How To Effectively Heal in Valorant

To effectively use Sage’s healing abilities in Valorant, players must use the appropriate abilities for the situation, use cover to avoid enemy damage and heal more effectively, and work with their team to heal allies quickly and protect themselves. These strategies will help players to become effective support players who can keep their teammates alive and secure victory on the battlefield.

Is Healing Essential in The Game?

Heals are extremely important in Valorant. In Valorant, players do not respawn until the end of a round, so keeping teammates alive is crucial for winning matches. Heals help to restore the health of players who have taken damage, allowing them to continue fighting and contributing to the team’s success.

Heals are especially important in Valorant’s fast-paced gameplay [1], where matches can be won or lost in seconds. Effective healing can distinguish between winning and losing a firefight or even an entire match.

When an agent’s health increases to 100 in Valorant, they will have more health and be able to sustain more damage before being eliminated. This can help them handle sticky situations and survive longer in firefights, allowing them to potentially turn the tide of a battle with their increased strength and firepower.

Valorant gameplay

However, it is important to note that health is not the only factor determining an agent’s effectiveness in Valorant. An agent’s abilities, weapons, and strategy can also play a significant role in their success on the battlefield.

Can Sage Be Considered As The Best Healer in Valorant?

While Sage is considered an excellent healer in Valorant, other agents have healing abilities that can be just as effective or even more effective than Sage’s abilities.

While Sage may not have the best statistics overall, she is still a strong agent when used effectively in the right situations. Players need to consider their own playstyle and preferences when choosing an agent to play, as each agent offers unique abilities and strengths that can be useful in different scenarios.

Effects of Over Healing

In Valorant, some agents have abilities that can grant an “Overheal” buff, which temporarily increases their maximum health above their base value. However, even with the Overheal buff, an agent’s health cannot exceed 150.

Overheal can be a valuable tool for agents in Valorant, as it can allow them to sustain more damage and survive longer in firefights. However, using it strategically and in the right situations is important, as it is only temporary and can leave the agent vulnerable once it wears off.

Essential Heal of Sage

Sage’s value to any Valorant team is immense due to her ability to heal her teammates with the “Healing Orb” ability. This makes her an essential player in battles, as keeping teammates alive is crucial for winning matches.

What is A Useful Ability Sage?

A useful sage possesses vast knowledge and experience in various domains, enabling them to offer valuable counsel and direction to others. Such a person is held in high regard and trusted by those around them and can bring about constructive changes.


While having a Sage on your team can certainly be beneficial, it ultimately depends on your team’s overall strategy and playstyle. If your team prioritizes defense and support, a Sage can be a valuable asset. 

However, if your team prefers to play aggressively and focus on offense, other agents with more offensive abilities may be better.

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