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How Old is Viper of Valorant?

Viper is one of the most powerful agents in Valorant, known for her ability, the Viper’s Pit. She is a mysterious alchemist with an array of abilities that give her an edge in combat. 

Viper can control the battlefield with her poisonous smoke, toxic clouds, and other area of effect abilities. Her mobility and strategic playstyle make her a great choice for any team. 

She can be used to aggressively push enemies, or defensively hold a chokepoint. Indeed, Viper is a powerful agent, but just how old is she in the game? Find out in this guide!

Viper of Valorant - How Old Is She?

Viper, the toxic mastermind in Valorant, is a mysterious and undefined character whose age is unknown. While her exact age is not known, her story implies that she is an adult [1]. 

Her age is also hinted at in her bio, which states that she has been “mastering chemical warfare” for an undisclosed amount of time.

valorant viper

In addition, her voice lines refer to her as being “older than she looks” and suggest a certain level of experience and maturity. Ultimately, Viper’s age is left up to the interpretation of the player and can range from young adult to middle-aged. 

However, in some references Viper’s age has been identified as something between 30-35 with a height of 177cm. 


Overall, Viper’s ability to adapt and evolve has made her a formidable opponent in the world of Valorant. Her age is an enigma, but her power and skill remain undeniable.

She is a powerful force that cannot be underestimated. Through her vast knowledge and experience, she is capable of swiftly adapting to any situation and helping her allies win the battle.

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