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33 Best Valorant Skins Review

With a diverse cast of agents to choose from, each with its unique abilities, Valorant has captured the attention of players worldwide. One of the most exciting aspects of Valorant is the vast array of skins available for players to customize their agents and weapons. 

Skins in Valorant range from basic color variations to unique designs that add personality and flair to your gameplay. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which skins are worth the investment. 

In this discussion, we will explore the best Valorant skins available, taking into account their design, rarity, and popularity among players.

33 Most Recommended Skins

Here’s a list of the best skins available in Valorant based on reviews from gamers all over the world. 

1. Prime Vandal:

This high-end skin, available for 1775 VP, showcases a modern and refined design accompanied by impressive reload and VFX animations. 

Furthermore, players can enjoy the thrilling experience of firing laser beams, adding a heightened sense of excitement to their gameplay.

Prime vandal taking an aim gameplay

2. Ruination

An exclusive ghostly style available for 2175 VP. This skin features a shadowy equip animation, accompanied by a fitting spectral noise that adds to its eerie theme with a haunting design.

3. Vipers Snakebite

At Viper’s Agent Contract Tier 10, you can obtain Viper’s Snakebite skin at an affordable price. This skin transforms your close-range weapon into a poison-filled cannon, perfect for camping in tight spaces.

4. Pistolinha

The Pistolinha is a vibrant classic skin for Raze’s pistol that can be obtained for free by reaching Tier 10 of Raze’s Agent Contract. Its intricate design and unique paint texture make it an excellent option to use during gameplay [1].

This skin’s standout features make it a popular choice among players without requiring any monetary investment.

pistolinha valorant skin

5. Neptune

A premium skin that comes with a price tag of 1775 VP. This luxury skin features a comical design that supplies your shotgun with fish and produces sloshing sounds with every shot. 

While the skin may seem ridiculous, it adds a playful and entertaining element to the game, making it a worthwhile investment for those willing to splurge.

6. Glitchpop

For those who want to splurge, this skin is an exclusive option available for 2175 VP. This skin features a vibrant cyberpunk-inspired design that perfectly matches Frenzy’s chaotic nature.

7. Phoenix's Spitfire

This skin can be obtained for free by reaching Phoenix’s Agent Contract Tier 10. This skin boasts a HotRod-inspired design with fiery accents.

8. The Prism II

This skin is a select option available for 875 VP, featuring a design similar to CS:GO’s Fade style at a much cheaper price.

The Prism II valorant skin

This skin’s color scheme and affordability make it an excellent choice for players who want stylish skin without breaking the bank.

9. Ion

This skin transforms your Sheriff into a powerful weapon that shoots impressive ion bolts, with a stunning design and sound that enhances the overall experience with its exceptional features. For more options, check the best Sheriff skins in Valorant next! 

10. Astra's Eclipse

This skin boasts a captivating star theme with an impressive design and an eye-catching color scheme.

11. The RGX 11Z Pro

A super worth-the-price skin, as it offers a wide range of customizable options that allow you to make the skin truly unique to your gameplay style with its versatile design and features. (More about the Valorant’s RGX Classic skin here!)

12. Jett's Game Over

This skin features a playful cloudy design with a streamlined and sleek appearance that makes it a worthwhile reward for players who finish Jett’s Contract.

Jett's Game Over valorant skin

13. Sovereign

This is available for 1775 VP, which justifies its price point with its impressive style and glow for the stinger with an exceptional VFX and a unique finisher.

14. Tigris

A deluxe option that can be obtained for 1275 VP. This skin offers a reliable and stylish design for your Spectre, with a black and red theme accented by gold flourishes that add an extra touch of sophistication. 

For players who want high-quality skin without spending too much, the Tigris skin is a great choice.

15. Spectrum

An exclusive option that comes with a price tag of 2675 VP. This skin features a unique finisher that comes with its music, making it one of the best finishers in the game.

16. Prism II

This offers a clean and unique design for your shotgun. With its fancy appearance, the Prism II skin is a great value for its price and a solid addition to any player’s skin collection.

Prism II valorant skin

17. Oni

This makes your shotgun into a beautifully designed killing machine. Inspired by Japanese culture, this skin features plated flourishes and textured wraps that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the weapon. 

18. Elderflame

An ultra option that comes with a premium price tag of 2475 VP, and for a good reason. This skin makes your shotgun into a dragon that shoots fire, making it one of the most impressive skins available in Valorant.

19. Guardian Prime

It features the same style as the recent Prime Classic skin. This skin adds an extra level of satisfaction to your gameplay with the added element of shooting lasers. 

The addition of lasers makes it an even more exciting option, providing players with a sense of thrill and excitement during gameplay though it’s on the pricier side.

20. The Rush

Considered the best of the budget-friendly Judge skins. It features a unique color combination with blue outlines that adds a touch of sophistication to the weapon.

The Rush valorant skin

21. Endeavor

It has an astronaut-themed design that looks like premium skin at a worthy price. 

This skin stands out for its unique and eye-catching design, with its intricate details and attention to the smallest elements, making it a worthwhile addition to any player’s skin collection.

22. Infantry

This transforms your semi-automatic rifle into an M1 Garand, providing a nostalgic touch to your gameplay. This skin is a great option for players who want to switch things up and feel like they’re playing a different game.

23. Galleria

It has a unique bunny design and a stylish red and grey color scheme. This skin provides a playful and creative touch to your weapon.

24. Sakura

The Sakura skin’s design is inspired by Japanese culture, with its cherry blossom theme reflecting the beauty and simplicity of the culture’s aesthetics. This skin’s simple yet elegant appearance makes it a top choice for players.

sakura valorant skin

25. Sentinels of Light

Inspired by the League of Legends universe, featuring a unique design that reflects the game’s aesthetics. This skin’s exceptional design includes better reload, cooler color choices, equip animations,  and a unique finisher.

26. Reaver

This skin’s exceptional VFX and reload animations are some of the best in the game, making the weapon feel more dynamic and responsive. 

This skin’s design is inspired by the game’s vampire-themed Reaver agents, adding an extra level of sophistication and style to your weapon.

27. Smite

Its lightning theme is eye-catching and adds a touch of personality to the weapon, making it stand out in the game. 

28. Nunca Olvidados

A melee skin that has a reverse-grip dagger design. It’s a solid choice for players who missed out on IGNITION Act 3 Battle Pass on the Ruin Dagger and want unique and stylish skin for their melee weapon.

Nunca Olvidados valorant skin

29. RGX11z Pro Firefly

This is one one of the best Valorant skins turning your butterfly knife into a beautiful fidget spinner of doom with RGB colors and smooth infinite inspect animation.

30. Gaia's Vengeance

This skin looks more like a living plant than a gun, showcasing Riot Games’ ability to think outside the box and create skins that push the boundaries of traditional game design.

31. Magepunk

A one-of-a-kind electric-powered weapon series that effortlessly blends retro and futuristic elements, resulting in a captivating and imaginative design. 

Its appearance perfectly complements the steampunk universe and gives off an impression of a mad scientist’s invention, fusing together the past and the future.

32. Prelude To Chaos

A unique combination of design elements from survival-horror games and futuristic military shooters. 

Prelude To Chaos valorant skin

The resulting skins feature a blend of gritty realism and advanced weaponry that give them the appearance of being able to take down any monster lurking in the depths of a dungeon.

33. BlastX

A nostalgic homage to toy guns, evoking childhood memories for anyone who’s ever enjoyed playing with them.


There you go! There are more skins available in Valorant, but these are the most recommended options to choose from to elevate your gaming experience.

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