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Valorant Love Event: What You Need to Know

The Valorant Love Event is a special event where you can show your love for the game and get some amazing rewards in return. 

Here, our resident gamers will share everything you need to know about this event. 

What is a Valorant Love Event?

During Episode 2: Act 2, Valorant’s Love Event was introduced as a part of April Fools in 2021. It started on March 31st, 2021, with patch 2.06, and it finished on April 5th, 2021. 

Four love letters were posted throughout Ascent as part of the event. Romantic decorations [1] were used to beautify these locations. 

Pressing F near each location would display the love letter that had been hidden there and show an agent having a romantic moment. The letters made fun of the April Fools prank pulled by Agents of Romance.

Valorant Love Brimstone


In the picture from Brimstone’s love letter, he is holding a Tactibear, and they are both making heart eyes at an ice cream cone. 

It was situated adjacent to the Gelato shop in A Lobby. After the event, a brand-new Tactibear was put in a chair outside the shop and has been there ever since.


In his love letter, Cypher is seen holding a heart-shaped item, along with two bicycles and two flower bouquets. It’s in Defender Spawn, which has two bikes, a flower, and Cypher’s hat as decorations.


In her love letter, Jett is seen eating a pizza slice. It is placed in Mid Pizza, which was embellished with candles, dinnerware, drinking glasses, and a knife belonging to Jett.


Killjoy is seen holding a heart-shaped piece of technology in her love letter. At the edge of Attacker Spawn, which was decked up to seem like a picnic, is where she keeps her love letter. Her boots could also be found.

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What is Love Rank?

Playing a competitive game during the Love Event will cause your rank to be changed to the Love rank. A player will advance to the Love rank if they increased in rank as well.

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