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Fixed: I Can’t Find My Friend’s Server on Valheim

Recently, our experts surveyed selected Valheim players to identify the game’s issues. Surprisingly, the major complaint was they could not find their friend’s server. With this data, many Valheim players have issues connecting to the server and playing like they used to. 

On this note, our team has put together their working fixes for this issue as well as a few tips.

Fix #1: Ensure That the Server Host Clicks on "Start Server"

One mistake many Valheim multiplayer hosts make is forgetting to click on “Start Server.” If you do not start your server, your Valheim server will not show up and there is no way your friend will be able to connect. 

They will not see you on the server friend list. Therefore,  start your server to ensure that connecting to your friend is seamless.

Fix #2: Refresh the Server List a Couple More Times

If the problem persists after starting your server, you may need to refresh your server list. You will be making a mistake if you refresh only once. 

Therefore, ensure that you refresh and try a few more times.

refreshing the server

Fix #3: Allow Your Friend to Invite You

We recommend trying this if your friend cannot invite you to join their game through Steam’s Friend List or in-game.  This is important because it provides a direct invite to the server.

So, tell your friend to invite you to join their game. You can be added to their friend list to enjoy your game.

Fix #4: Connect Through IP Address and Port Number

This can be a way to easily connect to Valheim servers. Check the host’s game info and collect the IP Address and Port.

You can add this IP Address and Port Number on your Steam Favorite Servers by clicking Steam, View, Servers, and then Add a Server to easily connect with your friends.

updating valheim server

Fix #5: Check for Updates

Valheim usually has automatic updates through Steam. If your game version is outdated, you can do this manually from your Steam library. All you have to do is click “Update” in the Steam library, located where the play button for Valheim is. 

Click on it and your update should commence immediately.

Fix #6: Update Your Network Driver

Outdated network drivers may also interfere with connecting to your friend’s game server. If your network drivers are not up-to-date, you may need to see if they have a pending update. 

Having an outdated network driver will affect your ability to connect to the internet, thus impacting your connection to Valheim your friend’s game server.

Fix #7: Optimize Your Internet Connection

You will need to optimize your internet connection based on the server requirements of Valheim if the above does not work. This will help enhance your connectivity speed. You can do this for mobile, wired, and wireless internet sources.

man using computer

Is it Recommended to Set Up a Dedicated Server for Valheim?

Hosting a dedicated server through a provider for Valheim can be beneficial in several ways, depending on your specific needs and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to create a dedicated server for Valheim:

Stability: Dedicated servers provide a stable and reliable environment for hosting multiplayer games [1]. By running Valheim on a dedicated server, you can ensure that the server is always availabl[e, even if the hosting player is not actively playing the game.

Performance: Dedicated servers typically offer better performance compared to hosting a multiplayer session on a player’s computer. They often have more processing power, memory, and bandwidth, which can result in smoother gameplay and reduced lag for all players on the server.

Valheim gameplay

Accessibility: With a dedicated server, players can join and play on the server at any time, even when the host player is not online. This allows for continuous gameplay and provides flexibility for players in different time zones or with varying schedules.

Player capacity: If you have a large group of players or want to accommodate a significant number of concurrent players, a dedicated server can handle the load more efficiently than a player-hosted session. 

Dedicated servers can support a higher player capacity, allowing more people to play together simultaneously.

Modding and customization: Dedicated servers often provide more flexibility for modding and customization options. 

You can install Valheim mods, configure, adjust server settings, and have more control over the gameplay experience easily through server hosting providers.

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We wrote this article for Valheim players that are having trouble joining servers. The fixes herein are a product of several hours of research and trial and error, so make sure to closely follow each to address the issue efficiently. 

If these fail to work, you may contact Valheim’s support team.

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