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How to Enable Map Mods on Your Unturned Server

Map mods are one of the most popular features of the Unturned server. They allow players to customize their own gaming environment and create new experiences for their online gaming sessions. 

With map mods, you can alter the terrain, add new items, and even add new monsters to your server. The possibilities are truly limitless. So, how do you enable map mods on your Unturned server? It’s actually quite simple and we’ll show you how below!

How to Enable Map Mods on an Unturned Server?

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Enabling map mods on your Unturned server is a great way to give your players a fresh gaming experience. 

With the right map mod, you can completely alter the terrain and add new items, monsters, and other features to your server. It’s easy to do, and can make your server stand out from the rest! 

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