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How Old is Sans of Undertale?

Sans is one of the most popular characters in the game Undertale, and many people have wondered how old he is. 

While there is no official answer from the creators, we can make some educated guesses based on his appearance and behavior. Here’s a look at Sans’ age and what we know about him.

How Old is Sans From Undertale?

Sans is Papyrus’s brother and a prominent character in Undertale. He initially appears after the protagonist escapes the Ruins in Snowdin Forest. 

In the Neutral and True Pacifist Routes, he is a supporting character, and in the Genocide Route, he is the final boss and heroic antagonist. 

sans in undertale

Sans is roughly 28 years old because he is older than Papyrus and old enough to work. Papyrus would be around 19 years old because he is unemployed, but he is incredibly tall, implying he is older than 15.

What is Sans' Personality?

Sans is a lazy person who frequently sleeps on the job and takes breaks. Because he is aware of timeline resets, his idleness is a mix of fatalism and apathy. 

He enjoys being mischievous. Sans primarily acts in this manner with those with whom he is friendly. His activities include a wide spectrum of irrational, immature, and slightly inconvenient pranks. Sans “selling fried snow,” using whoopee cushions, sharing an unscrewed ketchup bottle, and using eye paint on a telescope are all examples. 

He is also not beyond using his teleportation or other magic for practical jokes. Sans also enjoys creating low-brow puns on occasion. He enjoys making people laugh in general, and he also works as a comedian [1] at the MTT Resort. 

Despite his apathy about his own life, Sans is compassionate to the people he cares about. Sans, for example, is a regular at Grillby’s, and the monsters and Royal Guard dogs are friendly to him. 

sans in undertale

Sans has told Big Mouth about “all kinds of incredible foods,” but Big Mouth says “he always orders the worst burger off the menu.” Although Sans despises making promises, he honors Toriel’s request to keep an eye out for any humans. 

Even if the protagonist murders those close to him, Sans does not bring it up until the Last Corridor. Sans omits the protagonist’s slaughter of Papyrus or Toriel in a Neutral Route ending with either of them alive.

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