Titanfall 2 Connection to Server Timed Out (Error Code 429) Titanfall

Fixed: Titanfall 2 Connection to Server Timed Out (Error Code 429)

Trying to connect to any server but receiving the Titanfall 2 “Server Timed Out” prompt message? Well, you’re one of those players experiencing this error code 429 connection issue while playing Titanfall 2. 

Before this issue gets annoying, our resident gamers and programmers will share effective fixes to resolve the issue.

What is Error Code 429 on Titanfall 2?

The error code 429 connection issue is not a client-side issue. It’s actually a server-side error, which is beyond your control. This usually happens due to the massive number of players joining the game and some server issues. In short, if there’s not enough server capacity, the issue occurs. 

Titanfall 2 Connection to Server Timed Out (Error Code 429)

How to Fix Error Code 429 (“Connection to Server Timed Out”) on Titanfall 2

Solution #1: Check If the Servers are Down

For sure, you know that game server status goes under maintenance at times. So, if this problem occurs, try to search and check if the games’ servers are down. There is an instance where Xbox One and Origin PC Gamer are down. This way, you can quickly know if there is an issue or not in the game servers. 

Solution #2: Wait and Retry After a Few Hours

Once you confirm that the server is down, you must wait for the server uptime and retry after some time. Check the status of the game periodically. This applies not just in Titanfall 2 but also in other games. You can’t do much about it.

Solution #3: Try Using a VPN

Game errors usually happen during peak hours. To fix the issue, try using a VPN [1] to connect to the games server, especially during peak periods when server capacity is poor. We suggest using the best possible VPN network for a smooth gameplay. 

setting up vpn

Solution #4: Disable VSync

Your last resort in resolving the issue is by disabling VSync. Though VSync should not impose any conflict, you may try turning it off if you’re experiencing server or system issues. After turning it off, try to restart the game and check if the error 429 still occurs.  


There you have it! Now you know how to fix the Titanfall 2 “Connection to server timed out” issue. You can now completely have a flawless gaming experience at any time!

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