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3 Things You Must Know Before You Get Started in Pokemon GO

When it first came out back in 2016, Pokemon GO took the world by storm. Seemingly everyone was playing this game and having a great time walking around catching Pokemon. This game finally allowed people to realize their dreams of being real-life Pokemon trainers.

While many people have been playing this game for years, others may just be hopping on the train now. But before you play for the first time, there are things that you should know to make your experience with the game better. This article is going to take a closer look at a few of them.

Learn About Typing

One of the first things to know when starting Pokemon GO is to learn about typing and typing matchups. Each Pokemon type has different strengths and weaknesses (both offensively and defensively) that have an impact on how effective one Pokemon is when it comes to battling another.

This is incredibly important to know if you decide to participate in raids, battle gyms, or even face off against other players in the GO Battle League. You need to ensure you are bringing the right Pokemon into battle.

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The best way to learn about typings is to simply check out online guides. The internet is full of different guides for games of all kinds and can be a brilliant resource to consider.

These can range from guides about Weapons in Gunfire Reborn, to guides that look at the Pokemon type chart to help you decide which Pokemon to use for specific raids or gyms. The point is, you should do your homework before ever picking up the game to ensure you are familiar with how these typing relationships work.

Know the Catching Mechanics and How to Improve Your Chances

The main idea and mechanic in Pokemon GO is catching Pokemon to add them to your collection. You want to learn more about how to catch Pokemon and the specific tactics to use, to ensure you can build your collection consistently.

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This includes making sure to time your throws right, incorporating curves, and using the right ball. There are also ways to make catching easier from memorizing the specific movement of a pokemon and throwing your ball at the right time, and using specific berries to assist. The better you know about how to catch, and how you can boost your odds of successfully catching a Pokemon, the better your overall experience with the game will be.

The Game Can Be Played and Enjoyed Without Paying a Dime

In the world of Pokemon Go, there are plenty of things that you can spend money on. While it is a free game, it has generated billions of dollars over the years by selling a variety of things from items, to ticket events, to coins, and many more.

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However, don’t feel that you need to spend money on this game to have a good time. You can get a ton of things for free that range from free item boxes, coins from having your Pokemon in gyms, and items from spinning Pokestops. With enough playtime, you will earn a ton of different items to be used how you wish.

If you do want to spend a little bit or aren’t sure what to spend your earned coins on, we recommend first expanding your item bag so you can hold more, or increasing your Pokemon storage so you can catch more.

In conclusion, these are a couple of things you should make an effort to know before you get started in Pokemon GO.

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