Skyrim Water Flickering The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Water Flickering

Do you ever notice the water in Skyrim flickering and distorting? It’s a common problem with older graphics cards, but there’s an easy fix! 

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying the beauty of Skyrim’s waters in no time.

Fixes for Flickering Water

There are several ways to get around this problem:

Fix #1

Skyrim Water Flickering

Fix #2

Fix #3

Some users might attempt to open “SkyrimPrefs.ini” at this location: “C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\skyrim”. 

Change “iPresentInterval=1” to “iPresentInterval=0.” For some players, this will work, and you might not need to take any further action.

Skyrim Water Flickering

Your FPS [1] can also be limited. You will receive the same number of frames per second (FPS) as Hz on a fast computer and fast monitor. 

If your FPS is higher than 60, though, the game suffers. Although restricting to 60Hz might be effective, it would be excessive. The solution is to set the frame rate of the game itself to 60.

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