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How to Increase Carry Weight on Skyrim

If you’re like most Skyrim players, you’ve probably found yourself frustrated by the game’s strict carry weight limit. After all, what’s the point of hoarding all those weapons and armor if you can’t even bring them with you? 

Fortunately, there are ways to increase your carry weight in Skyrim. In this post, our gamers will show you how to do it. And trust us when we say that once you’ve increased your carry weight, you’ll be able to take on anything the game throws at you.

How to Increase Carry Weight

There are plenty of items and loot to be found in the game. This means that inventory management is critical in Skyrim. If you don’t, you’ll become overburdened. 

As a result, you are significantly slower and less effective in combat. To avoid being overburdened, keep your inventory within the carry weight limit [1]. This restriction is visible at the bottom of the Items screen. 

Skyrim Carry Weight

And, thankfully, it can be increased, allowing you to carry more items. Below are ways to increase carry weight in Skyrim.

Method #1: Enchantments

The enchantment Fortify Carry Weight can be applied to amulets, boots, gauntlets, and rings. When equipped, these items increase the user’s carry weight in relation to their enchanting skill.

Method #2: Perks

The “Extra Pockets” Pickpocket perk increases carry weight by 100 (or 50 if Survival Mode is enabled). There are also perks that assist you in carrying or managing specific items. 

The perk “Unhindered” makes Light Armor weigh nothing. “Conditioning” a Heavy Armor perk also does the same thing.

Skyrim Carry Weight

Method #3: Armor

Certain unique armor or clothing grants the wearer carry weight benefits. The Dragon Priest Volsung’s mask adds 20, Guild Master’s Armor adds 50, Thieves Guild Armor adds 20 or 35, the Locket of Saint Jiub adds 50, and the Deathbrand Boots add 10 for every piece of Deathbrand Armor worn up to a maximum of 40.

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