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TF2 Walkway Map — Your Quick Guide

If you’re a fan of online gaming, then you’ve probably come across the map called Walkway. But what is it, and where did it come from? Let’s take a look.

What is the Map Called Walkway?

Washipato and Wiseguy149 created Walkway, a community-created single-player training map. It has AI bots that spawn and walk along the long walkway that runs the length of the map. 

There are various options to toggle by shooting in-game buttons, which customize the playfield to the player’s liking. It is useful for headshot practice, jump practice, and general practice. 


Because of the versatile bot settings, it is an excellent choice for testing out custom items and their functions in addition to providing training assistance  [1]

Below are the different locations on the map:

Control Room

The nerve center of tr_walkway is the control room, which is adjacent to where the player spawns. It contains numerous controls that influence the behavior of the bots running along the walkway. 

These buttons control everything a bot can do, from jumping to strafing, firing, and more. These buttons can be activated by striking them with any weapon available.


The walkway is a long stretch of land with hills and a few overhanging catwalks that lead to a pit at the end. The bots on this map will run along this strip (all at the same speed), behaving in accordance with the buttons activated in the control room. 


In addition to the buttons in the control room, there are several controls in the walkway itself.

Sentry Room

The sentry room is intended to assist players in practicing destroying sentry nests and Engineers who may be repairing them. 

This room has its own dedicated control room where Engineer buildings, Engineers, and obstacles such as walls can be placed. The control room also includes buttons for actions such as having a placed Engineer automatically melee (repair buildings) or heal.

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